Why do threads close after 60 days?

I constantly run into “closed thread” when I have questions that has been discussed which kill the joy somewhat on this forum. What’s the reason behind automatically closing a thread in only 60 days causing multiple new threads on the same topic to be created?

I think its 60 days after the last reply. I don’t think its unreasonable to close a thread after 2 months of inactivity. Is it?

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What’s the upside in closing a thread?

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What is the downside?

Often the topic has been answered and exhausted.
Also topics tend to wander (oh yes they do).
Easier to raise a new topic with your new nuance and reference the earlier topic if necessary.


I wrote the downside? :slight_smile:

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I started to type a long answer but then I decided to start a new thread …………

Sorry I’ll get my coat

It can be annoying and probably pointless as the closed threads remain on the forum, often I would search something and number of threads appear about the same subject. Leaving threads open would probably reduce clutter on the forum, I’m sure the 2 month period can be adjusted by the moderator.

Simple: It stops people wasting time answering old queries long after they have been resolved.

Of course members can flag to the moderator an old closed thread of theirs if they wish to re-open it in order to add more recent pertinent information.


Yes but not all threads are queries

No, but you can’t pick and choose.

I’m a member on a few other forums and on those where threads are not closed after a period of inactivity it’s always a bit odd when an old thread from years ago suddenly gets a new reply. What quickly happens is that others reply to the original post without realising that the original thread was from years before and the original poster may not even be posting there anymore.


I think the same should apply to members who do not contribute for 60 days or a given period: close their accounts!:sunglasses:

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The current format of closing after 60 days has worked for a long time and no need to adjust. Search is your friend and you can find out if the question has already been asked and answered. A lot of valuable information/answers already available and a member can find if the answer is available and no need to keep the same conversation going on and on and on…


That long :stuck_out_tongue:

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The term ‘grave-dig’ is often used on other forums where an ancient thread gains a new reply…


Necro-posting on one forum I help to moderate.

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Some of us go on holidays for longer than 60 days and don’t spend that time reading the Forum.

A few members eg Beachcomber had an accident and was unconscious in hospital for a fair period of time. Must be great to wake up and find you’ve been deleted from the Forum (not).

Perhaps limiting posts to 2 posts per member per day would be a move in the right direction …… :sunglasses:

Don, that was in jest and I suggest, obviously you can afford it, you should go on holidays again for another 2 months maybe even longer. Alright for some. Chill! :sunglasses:

I can see no downside to this.

Who else but the great old master. I suppose there is an upside to it. Good to hear you’re still breathing, old fella!

Now that you’re back after 10 months absence without leave, you will be pleased to note that my proposal regarding only two posts per member per day has not (yet) been implemented :sunglasses: