Why does Naim audio have full access to my google account?

I was just checking my Google account settings and found out the above. It’s the only app I have, apart from Google itself which has this access. Why should this be? What would happen if I disabled it? I have other devices using Chromecast and none of them need this full access.

No, it does not and it can’t.

Google is just a helper.

That’s not what this says!

There is no such thing as the Naim Audio Mu-so app. And it’s not a Naim logo next to it either.

What happens if you tap “learn more”?

What happens if you tap “Remove Access”?

What did you do at 21.27 on Tuesday 5th May?



I reinstalled the app and reset the Muso because it had had become invisible to Chromecast after I had removed Google access. None of my other Chromecast devices has this access.

Hi @mikeo999

Chromecast support in Naim products (and all other Chromecast products) is based around integrating the full Chromecast software stack inside the product with strict security on ensuring that what lives in google, stays in google.

The ‘app’ in this case is that for a Chromecast device to use the services attached to your account it must have rights. I’ve taken a screenshot of the rights needed for the equiv Google devices / services.

To clarify:

  • Naim as a company have no access to your Google account or services.

  • Inside the product we have no way to use your account. All we can do is authenticate that we are a genuine device, advertise our presence, play an audio stream, get metadata and have basic transport navigation (play/pause, next, prev etc).

  • All access or usage of data is strictly done by Google on their servers based on the terms and conditions as accepted by the end user when first using Chromecast.

  • All software for Chromecast is supplied and certified by Google. It’s ‘black box’ technology and we have no ability to grant extra security rights or create non compliant versions of Chromecast.

Hope that clarifies things.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I guess Steve’s email gives insight into what happens if you were to select “Remove Access”. The Chromecast would stop working until you did another reinstall!



That’s really helpful. Thanks very much. Google could make it clearer though, as it really looked as though Naim has complete access.

Stay safe!!!

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