Why has Naim still not fixed their app

A dispassionate appraisal of the OPs posts suggests that the motivation in posting is to vent frustration by ranting rather than respectfully seek assistance. Given this I’m not clear that calm exhortation aimed at resolving his issue his likely to be effective…

Android. Works fine, when I use Qobuz app. For about eight months I had been using Tidal and Spotify from the phone and was absolutely happy.
However, recently I started using Qobuz and went mad having seen these “features”. Now I’m afraid the quality of the Naim user interface is almost a show stopper. Yesterday I was thinking I fed up with such service but decided to keep the Qobuz for at least a month or two.

I’d tell that if this app was the only way to use the streamer I’d request a full refund. Luckily, there is Tidal Connect and Spotify connect. Thanks to the core developers, they did well, unlike the UI guys.

I had some issues in the past, 3 years ago. Maybe once a week. A rebooting of router and streamer always solved the issues.
Now I have fiber Ethernet and encountered maybe one or two issues in 3 years.
I use the Naim app and an old streaming platform.

Absolutely! As I see, such claims, related to the quality of mobile application, are quite frequent.
Say, yesterday I switched back to Youtube and Spotify to give myself a proper cool down.

These steps helps when the network is involved. However, they are useless when the app removes an album when I requested to remove a track.
Right now I’m full of hatred and cooling my brain in Spotify waters.

I’m using android.

Moving track 3 to the end of queue seems to duplicate track 3 at the end, but track 3 is also still at position 3. Track 3 is played twice.

Delete function works fine.

Displays and plays correctly.

That’s what all you boys who work in IT say.

Believe me most of your issues are going to be down to your less than properly-functioning home network.

Personally I really don’t see any issues currently, in the IOS app.

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Ok. A playlist before the removal of the very bottom Item, and after removal.
Expected result - removed item is not the part of the playlist anymore. Actual result - everything is removed, except that item. OMG! Hell!
@Stevesky could you route this issue? Please, note, that this is just visual(but annoying!) issue as after the reload, everything matches as expected so does in Qobuz app.

If using the Naim app fills you with hatred, I strongly recommend you sell all your Naim gear and forget about the brand.

Good for your, and our, sanity.


You could always drag the tracks you don’t want to listen too to the end of the list, then stop listening when you reach them.

I’m one of those ‘IT boys’ too but I have very little issues with the Naim app on iOS. iPhone and iPad. The only annoyance I have is that the app doesn’t save the sorting order. Other than that it’s fine.
Tidal Connect from a laptop works excellent too. I don’t understand all these reported issues tbo.

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Good question. I don’t own a Naim streamer and so can’t comment. I avoided streaming when they first came out because of alot of reported issues. Sad that issues continue to exist. If you think you will get a successful outcome here, unfortunately you are wrong. This is not really a forum for voicing your complaints. As suggested i would send a detailed email to naim and copy the dealer that sold it to you.

I agree that the Naim playlist function is not good but the rest of the app functions well for me. Except for when the app mysteriously loses the room of course.

As for playlists, I prefer using m3u files for my upnp playlists. Great for lossless radio stations and local/nas music.

As most IT people will know, software has bugs, and the more complexity to add in, the more bugs will be there. That’s just a fact of life, and programming. Fix 5 problems, and 5 new additions, and you will end up with new bugs. The Naim App components are not static, and are not all controlled by Naim - e.g. Google Cast, Today connect, Spotify, etc. My claim to fame is that I did actually get MSoft to fix a bug in their WSUS software, of course that didn’t stop further bugs in later versions. So that’s the world we live in, and if a Multi Billion pound company like MS can’t get it right, what can we expect from a very small outfit doing their best given the tools and resources they have. Now throw into that using home networks of unknown configurations with Powerline/Meshses/Switches/Extenders/Boosters, etc then that alone will take up half your support staffs time (in my view)

I have to say I have no problems with the app, but I probably don’t use all its features, and just enjoy the listening side of music

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Well, before Naim I had some nightmare experience with Arcam and Elac. That is why I keep trying with ND5 :slight_smile:
If I was fed up with these bugs I’d abandon Qobuz, not Naim.
Moreover, I’ll wait for some updates before I decide what to do with Qobuz.

I’ve got some ancient iPad. I’ll check, if it works, that is a workaround, to save some piece of hope.

Upd: confirm, ios version works much better!

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Yeah. This is the feature of iOs version. Under the Android one looks like the drag works in the queue only. And, of course, with the erratic behavior.

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I think that’s not particularly helpful advice. People will use these kinds of devices for more things than just being a remote. For many people (certainly me) being able to operate it from their phone is a big selling point. They will already have a phone, or tablet, with a preferred OS. In our case we both much prefer Android.

I just wish Naim would, and I think they should, focus more on it and bring the Android app to feature parity with the iOS one. After all it’s running on 80% of such devices, so probably most households will have them, even if the main user uses Apple.

I started streaming with a NDX some eight years ago originally with a Samsung tablet and phone but found the app flaky to say the least.

My dealer advised that I should try a iPad which I did some six years ago one of the best upgrades and wisest moves I have made.

The IOS app is so much better my ND555, Core, Unitilite and Muso Qb are all hard wired and work flawlessly on the button everytime.