Why have some avatars got a little embossed 'ring' around them?

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 18.08.44

Yeah and Richard Dane has a halo above his on my phone.


Maybe it’s indicating you’re online or something - odd I’ve never noticed before if that’s the case.

If you run with the grey background (which I personally much prefer) you don’t see this.

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How odd - I still see it in some views even with grey.

Is it an online presence indicator?

I don’t know - I don’t see it. I’ll ask our web dev.

Could be browser related perhaps? On an older Safari version here - I still see the ring on my icon in category view and on many others in latest, even with grey mode.

…perhaps you are having visions and there are angels hanging out on the forum…

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The Count perhaps needs to be concerned if that’s the case!

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It is the thread starter, if you mouse over on a Desktop PC it tells you.
You can see it on the ‘L’ fifth line down too.

And now @Alley_Cat

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I think it indicates that the thread starter has also posted the most recent reply.

The most recent responder is usually placed at the far right, but in the case of the thread starter, their avatar is always at the far left.

If the thread starter is not the most recent responder, there won’t be a grey ring.

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Whatever it is it’s rather unintuitive in an Apple kind of way! Once we know for sure I think it’s a nice feature if it could jump to latest reply. Oddly enough I’ve been having a similar discussion about another website with unintuitive features.

As I said, the latest responder is shown as an avatar at the far right, unless the latest responder is also the threat starter.

Either way, it’s easy to see who is the latest responder (or poster)

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Now interestingly, in Safari at least, I need to hover for more than I might normally for the popup to appear. Perhaps browser specific, perhaps something like a transition-delay attribute.

Yes, that is what I have observed.

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It’s my ring of confidence. :rofl:

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