Why Naim? Why!?

I have to let some steam out…
The Naim app was automatically upgraded on my iPhone Xs and guess what happened!
All my favorite radio channels are gone! My presets gone! All settings gone! Even my Mu-So 2 got f***ed up so I had to re-install everything!

I’ve been a Sonos user for many years but never ever have I experienced anything like this. When I got the Mu-So 2, I was really excited and was expecting something better or at least just as good - however, this is sub par in my book!
Sorry Naim, excellent audio is not enough to be an excellent product.


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You can tell your iPhone not to install updates automatically.

But anyway I (and others of course) have been beta testing the latest iOS app, on an iPhone XS in my case as it happens, and it didn’t do any of these things. Nor did the release app when I installed it yesterday.

Obviously something went wrong for you but it’s not just that Naim didn’t bother to test the update properly.



No problem for me either, on an iPhone 6. Looks like you’re just unlucky.

@davidhendon and @Martyboll Thank you for your input.

Unlucky or not. It happened.
I work with electronics design and software development and will try to dig deeper into this to try to understand what could have happened.
In the event that this wasn’t the app upgrade but something else (network, power surge/loss?) it would be very helpful if I someone could provide some info about any circumstances that would cause the Mu-So 2 to completely reset itself without any human intervention?

Another Q: I’ve read somewhere that the lights on the Mu-So should dim or turn off when it receives an ARC-signal from the HDMI-port? Have I dreamt this?
(Yes, I know I can dim/turn off the light manually in the app)


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I’ve had similar experiences where iRadio favourites or other settings have disappeared after an update, but not in the last couple of years, so I’m not sure why this has happened to you.

Are you saying that it was a mu-so 2 that lost all its presets when the app updated? If so, that’s probably why nobody else is experiencing problems and maybe it’s specific to the mu-so 2. I’ve just updated to the new app on my iPad mini 4 and all settings and presets on my 272 and Qbs are fine.

I’ll send a mail to Naim to alert them and maybe they can test the app update on a mu-so 2.

What exactly changed on the Muso? It’s not always immediately obvious which settings are stored on the streamer, and which are on the app, so it may help if you can identify exactly which settings have changed.

I’m not sure anything is actually stored on the app. Anyway, I’ve sent the Naim tech guys a link to this thread so they can investigate.


I have to add my “didn’t happen to me” & like David & others thats after countless app updates with beta testing.
I don’t understand what could have happened because as I understand it the iRadio Presets (saved favourites) are ‘stored’ on the streamer. They certainly are with my NDX as the only way I do loose them is when I’ve done a reset to factory settings on the NDX.

@anon4489532 Thanks!
Yes! It is the Mu-So Gen 2 with latest firmware.
The Mu-So went blank by itself - just like a factory reset. LED purple.

It sounds very much like a bug in the muso 2 whereby it wipes itself when the app updates, for some weird reason. The muso 2 is a lovely thing and hopefully once this is ironed out you’ll have a trouble free time with it. Fingers crossed!


Thank you all for your input!

Playlists are certainly stored on the app, but as for anything else, I either don’t know or can’t remember.

Yes, that makes sense, though I’ve never used one. In the case of playlists the app is telling the upnp server what to send to the streamer. For other settings it has to be in the muso as otherwise, if the phone was turned off nothing would work.

@ Eggsy,

Sorry to see you’re having issues since the latest iOS APP update. Please be assured all our software is fully tested (automated/Manual) prior to release. We also have many members in our beta test group who support us and provide valued input before we release to our customers.

From the information given, you should not have lost favourite radio channels, presets or settings as a result of an APP update, these are not stored on the APP.

I recommend you contact naim support will be able to talk you through a solution for the problem reported.


… or better still, consider joining the Beta Test program: as a tech savvy guy with the newest product I’m pretty sure you’d be very welcome and it’s a fun sub-community on the Forum.

Contact @Will to make arrangements if this is of interest @Eggsy.

Regards alan

If anyone wishes to join the beta test program they need to send a request in to beta@naimaudio.com.


I’m sending a request to join the beta program! :blush:


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