Why so many source inputs?

A simple one button selector that scrolled through the inputs would be neater (please NOT an app!).

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Both would work, button, with an app option for those that want it?

Yes there could be an app for the smartphone users :wink:

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The thing about the number of inputs is that if you have one source and six inputs, it’s not so much of an inconvenience - and rather handy if you just so happen to one day need another input at some point. However, if you have only one or two inputs and then need another, that’s really inconvenient…

I only use the nd555 input on the nac552.
However, I would have liked a few extra digital inputs on the nd555.
A couple more optical would have been nice, and an extra bnc, coax would have been nice too.
I’ve got a bunch of stuff hooked into my TV, and take a optical cable from my TV to the ND555 - so it works out, but still…

Particularly useful for old timers like me with three analogue sources - NAT 01, Revox B77 and LP12 In addition to analogue out on digital sources. I couldn’t cope with 1 or 2 inputs!

Why is having more inputs on the pre than you currently need an issue? Surely better than the other way round and it does no harm to have 4 that are not used does it?

CD (seldom!)
Unity Gain for A/V

Upsets my OCD :wink:

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