Why this streaming? (ND5xs2)

Why if I open the Qobuz App or the chromcast of Naim app do the Naim App appears to me as in the photo, while if I go back to the Naim app they change the way the same song is transmitted?

Different apps have different layouts and presentations?

Yes. On the iPhone or iPad, do I read the right or the naim app is not real? What should I consider? App Naim or App direct by Tidal or Qobuz?

It makes no difference other that the way it looks, sound is the same.
The Naim app will give you UPnP streaming & iRadio control, Tidal & Qobuz apps will not

One of the two examples is direct to the Naim streamer and other is cast. Is the quality of Chromecasting always exactly the same as Naim direct?



I was answering the question “App Naim or App direct by Tidal or Qobuz?”
… Naim app will give you UPnP streaming & iRadio control, Tidal & Qobuz apps will not

Yes I got that Mike but the original question is why the presentation is different and looking at the two photos, in each case one is native and one is cast. That made me wonder whether there is a quality difference.


OK I see what you’re getting at.
Added problem is Andrea is from Italy, & although I wish I could speak/write Italian as good as his English, it’s not so easy for him.

It is also the translator’s fault


Ciao Andrea. non e un problema, possiamo aiutarti, forse se abbiamo bisogno di poterti chiedere di scrivere in italiano, anche noi abbiamo traduttori e il mio italiano molto limitato aiuta anche qualcosa di piccolo.

I have a Qobuz Hires subscription and logically on iPhone the songs are 24bit 96 or 192 or so and I can’t understand why returning to the Naim app I don’t see this data! I open the Naim App and select Chromecast !!!. It’s the same thing with Tidal, who is Master on iPhone while on App Naim always becomes 16 bits !!!

Bravo, that’s what I’d like to know too … Why doesn’t Naim indicate the exact details of your Qobuz Hires subscription? For Qobuz you could also listen to the M-connect app via upnp but the data never comes out of your Qobuz subscription … or can you listen to it via Tidal app and airplay or Bluetooth? But I guess it’s not the best thing …

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