Wi-Fi Help please

Hi hope someone might be able to help me I’m not great tech wise, I have a master Modem which supports 3 of my speakers on one side of the house and I have a hardwired second modem on the other side of the house which acts as a extension but i have to log in separately to that, this side of the house supports 2 more speakers.
When I set the speakers up originally they all played in unison which was a pleasant surprise as I thought they wouldn’t as they were running on different wi-fi, they also worked fine with AirPlay 2 this was ok for months…,.however out of the blue they have now stopped playing in unison and the speakers are only showing on the side of the house that the wi-fi supports for example only 2 speakers will play in unison on one side of the house instead of all 5, I haven’t changed anything as far as I’m aware, I hope someone out there can help and I have explained my problem ok - thanks in advance Sam

I am assuming these are all muso or muso Qb?

Have you tried restarting the two “modems”? By that I mean turn off all the muso/QBs, unplug the wifi units from the mains, plug them in again and let them both start up and then one by one turn on the muso/Qbs and let them all start up. Does it work again now?



Thank you David I will try that and let you know

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