Wi-fi issues on NDX2 after firmware update

Hello all,

just right after my last firmware update (to 3.5), my NDX 2 is showing dramatic drop down of the wi-fi connection.
I’ve been streaming music via Qobuz -> Optical fiber -> Roon on Qnap NAS -> wi-fi -> NDX2 for over one year without any issue.
Nothing else has changed.
I checked wi-fi signal strength without founding any weakness.

Many thanks for any help and ideas…

Try a power off and restart.

Power off done, with no effect.
I tried to “reboot” too (I mean: holding INPUT and PLAY buttons while powering on), but didn’t solve.

Also try unplugging the NDX2 and the router. Then reboot the router, when that is settled, then power up the NDX2. Also restart the device the app is on. Have a cup of tea.

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High praise, Mike: you solved.
I’ll never fully get in this black magic stuff of networking and streaming, sadly…
I owe you a beer.

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Great news, I’m glad it’s worked out for you.

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