Widget in iPadOS 15 not working as it used to in iPadOS 14

Hi there. I updated my iPad Air 3 to iPadOS 15 this week. I used to have the Naim widget in the home screen with the previous iPadOS 14, which displayed the cover, song name/artist and had some basic controls, including the volume. It was very handy and easy to see/access quickly for the music being played in my Naim Mu-so 2.
However, after installing the new iPadOS 15, the Naim widget cannot be included in the home screen. It is located in the “page” at the left of the home screen. So you have to swipe to go there. And if you return to the home screen and then go back to where the widget is, then the basic controls are not shown (have to select the down arrow at the top of the widget twice to have them displayed again).
It is very strange, as one of the highlights of iOS 15 is that you can now have widgets wherever you want and manage them more freely. But somehow this useful Naim widget got hidden with some other 3rd party widgets at the left of the home screen. Have tried to edit the widgets to solve this without success.
Does anyone know how to at least bring back the Naim widget to the home screen in a permanent way?
Well, hope that there is a solution for this or if maybe the Naim Support Team can address this issue in a next update of the excellent Naim app.
Thanks to everyone!

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There were 2 existing discussions of this the last days (kind of “off topic” within existing longer threads):

(Currently down to the end of the thread, no real resolution how to handle iPadOS 15 behavior the best way.)

Here’s some discussion on behavior, I think it’s the same you see.

There was another, I’ll see, if I can find it.

Here’s an answer from Naim; the current widget is an “old style” one (from Apple’s view), but he new ones don’t support all the functionality of the current one:

(Context here is above the link post.)

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