Widget not showing in iOS/iPadOS 16?


The Naim widget is not showing up in my list of widgets (swipe right > edit > search). Adding the widget to my lock screen also does not work.

I’ve searched the forum and understand that other users are also experiencing this, but I have not found a clear answer to this issue.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Yes I did but this did not solve the issue.

Hmm not sure of a solution then, mine is just there in the list (iOS 16.4.1a). I tiny think there’s a way to add an app if it simply doesn’t show up in the list of available widgets.

Here’s another option to try, found in Reddit

Another search result suggests a similar workaround.

How to make iOS 16 recognize app widgets

  1. Change your iPhone’s language
  2. Offload the app
  3. Then reinstall the app
  4. Change your iPhone language back

What this does is force the iPhone to re-examine the app and so discover that it does have widgets.

To change language on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings, General
  2. Scroll down and choose Language & Region
  3. Tap Add Language…

You’ll be told that changing the language means the iPhone must restart, but it may not. If you already have a couple of languages involved, then you can drag to rearrange them and so set which is first.

Note, that the Naim app widget is an „old style“ widget. So it does not show in the „new“ list of widgets (via the + button).
Instead you need to go to the bottom of the widget screen and use „customize“.

The new widget type does not allow any interactive elements, I.e. they are suitable for this kind of widgets.

Interesting. Followed the above instructions. Nothing works. No widget. Screen shots anyone?

Thank you, this worked for me. I can see the widget when I swipe to the right.

A new style widget would be even better. Are their technical limitations?

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Scroll all the way left. Click “customise”.
Locate the Naim app, click the plus. Click done top right.

Sorted thank you.

Yes; the new widgets can basically only display stuff. When you click them, they can bring you into the app itself, but cannot interact in the widget itself.
So you could have a “now playing” widget, but not including the controls the current one has.

(I read rumors Apple may further enhance the new widgets, now that they are more prominent on home screens and always-on displays with the Pro phones. Time will tell.)

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