WiFi and NSC 222

How the bleep do I connect my NSC 222 to WiFi? Just want to check the quality of my network (router, 2 switches, lot of cables). Somehow the info I need is hard to find (for me).

Probably through the Naim app, selecting “other settings” then “network settings”. I’m assuming the 222 is the same as the other streamers in this regard.

Disconnect the ethernet cable if one is connected and then via the app.

If it is anything like my Star it is a slow laborious process using the remote control. Because of this, I have never bothered setting up the Wi-Fi with my 222.

Does the app have a connection to the 222 without the 222 being connected to the network?

Disconnect wired Ethernet, power cycle the device, setup as a new device using Naim App, it does this over Wi-Fi.

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It’s hard to believe, but the 222 user manual on the Naim website doesn’t tell you how to set up the WiFi. What a major cockup by Naim!

Anyway I guess that you do it by going into the Naim app, select “Set up new product” or whatever the exact wording is now and then follow the instructions. Normally during setup, the app connects to a WiFi signal broadcast by the Naim product and once that has been done, the product appears in the Rooms screen as usual. But I haven’t tried it on a 222.

You will need to leave the Ethernet unplugged for this process though.

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Exactly what I said just before you did! It takes a few minutes from start to finish, if you wish you can perform the same process somewhat manually using the remote and front display.

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It’s not well explained anywhere though, you make a valid point.
In fact what is actually happening is that the Naim device creates its own Wi-Fi network temporarily for the purpose of your phone/tablet connect to it and being able to send it setup and network/WLAN information.
The initial device discovery process is done over Bluetooth, the subsequent setup and connection steps are done over Wi-Fi.
Once your Naim device knows what network to connect to and using what credentials, the setup is completed and your Naim app will be able to see and control that device as they’ll both be clients in the same WLAN at setup completion.
Alternatively, you can connect a Naim device to a WLAN using its remote control and with feedback from the front display, you have to select and manually enter the WLAN password making it more labourious but it will work in the same way in terms of connectivty as doing it using the Naim App.

I just tried this method and it was straightforward to set up wi-fi. Could be helpful with my two kitten’s ability to unplug various leads, particularly hi-fi related ones.

Thanks for the information! Especially the setting up of a new device part.

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