WIfi Not Working

Not sure if this is the right forum, but …

I think our BT Whole Home - MK7 (Home Hub 7 + 3 satellite transmitters) has ‘died’.

Ethernet connection to various devices (but not my Mac?) keeps dropping, and wifi ain’t working at all.
Tried multiple reboots. Wifi appears to come back for a minute or two, then fails again.

The system has been in use for >1 year, and the only things that have changed recently are that SWMBO’s Panasonic Plasma failed, and I have replaced it with a Samsung QLED TV, which meant unplugging everything from the old TV and reconnecting via the Netgear 8 channel switch etc.

This has been working fine, but tonight it’s gone “t*ts up”. SWMBO seems to think its all my fault and has done her usual “let’s press every button and see what happens” approach. (Drives me mad). She can’t seem to understand that I’m not a network technician, and am doing my best.

I’ll probably contact BT tomorrow to see if they have any solutions, but does anybody here have any ideas?


Your BT Halo 2 contract covers an engineer visit, leave it to them.

It’s either a hardware failure in the hub or, more likely, the broadband connection back to BT has failed and the box keeps restarting itself to remake the connection.

As Mike says, BT will have to sort it out and they may be able to do that without coming to your house. In any case it’s almost certainly not anything you or your wife did that caused it!

Do let us know though. It’s always interesting to hear how these things play out.



All started working properly again about midnight last night. No idea what the problem was. I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

What was really annoying her was that she couldn’t do her usual Facebook nonsense, and couldn’t stream some programme she is watching on All4.

Oh good! That did make me smile as I have exactly the same although it’s my wife and three daughters all hammering the WiFi constantly. Any slight interruption in service and they immediately call (shout loudly at) me as the in house network technician! The irony is my daughters are probably far more able to understand the technicalities of the thing than I am…

Well, our daughters probably understand it more than I do, although I have been using computers since the old ZX81 days. They’re both in their 40s now, and married with kids of their own. I’ve been shackled to SWMBO for 48 years now, and in spite of all my efforts she still seems to have a complete inability to understand any ‘techie’ stuff.

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