Wifi or Ethernet cable for streaming?

That’s entirely news to me but :man_shrugging:

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Yes see my post above … it’s in Airplay 2 and is called Handoff. The streamer end point has a degree of autonomy if it supports Handoff.

Perhaps many people don’t even know what these products they own can do. Technology egh … :grinning:

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Chromecast will get a hand-off from the app and then stream from the site directly (instead of the app getting data from the site and then sending it to the Chromecast over your home network). I think similar technique also employed by some UPnP app such as mconnect.

It is similar to the Spotify Connect method….
If you use Chromecast mirroring, then the media goes through the app.

UPnP/DLNA can indeed work in a few modes such as push from server, or pull from the streamer.

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Yes, indeed, it’s clear.

I think Home pods are one of the few to support this method as they can handle the new hires streams from Apple music as it hands off to them, I still think Airplay 2 on most devices doesn’t handoff this way though. Never tried it on my Atom as I don’t use iOs for anything so I could be very wrong here.

I feel like its only home pods that can take handoff from apple.


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Digital output jitter spectrum. (CBS CD-1 track 1, R&S UPL.)

Aha! As a digital source to feed another DAC, the AirPort express output has even less jitter than the Sony SCD-XA777ES (not that anyone would ever hear this).

This level of jitter is effectively zero.”

Do cite your sources that help you arrive at this assertion Simon… I’ve listed mine here.

The airport express has less jitter than a dac from 2001?

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Entirely possible, & likely.

And AppleTV via Airplay2

My Icom bandscope showing sidebands - as well as poor synchronisation reliability with various DACs including the NDAC with my Apple Airport Express.

Sure I might have had a bad one along with anecdotal feedback from others.

However I always find its better to ascertain for yourself rather than rely solely on others.

Because of the poor performance of my Apple Airport Express - which looks quite different from your model I have given up with it. I used the A1264 model https://guide-images.cdn.ifixit.com/igi/K5DCehmQZgNMmq4S.standard

This is from @Stevesky, apropos AirPlay and Apple Music:

In a follow up in the Beta forum @Liam mentioned that the reason the “now playing” screen doesn’t show bit rate / bit depth info is because it’s always the same format delivered over AirPlay (ie it’s expected behaviour, not a bug).

Doesn’t seem to be a way to set or select this, as @Simon-in-Suffolk observed. The spec allows more, but it hasn’t been implemented.

This conversation has gone a bit off piste now from the original question🙈

They always do :roll_eyes:

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