Wifi vs Ethernet input selection

I am testing a hardwire Ethernet cable vs a wifi signal to my ND5XS streamer.
I’m told the streamer automatically selects the Ethernet input when it is plugged in even tho the unit is configured for wifi streaming…… is this the case?
I’m trying to A/B the wifi vs Ethernet so I don’t want to disable the wifi in the setup menu unless it’s the only way to select the Ethernet input.

I believe so. Can you not have it wired permanently?

Not sure what u mean …. I’ve setup wifi to stream Tidal on my ND5XS streamer and want to compare wifi to a Network Switch and Ethernet input to the streamer.
My question is … if I stream Tidal via wifi then plug in Ethernet will the ND5XS detect the Ethernet input and auto switch to it from wifi , so that plugging Ethernet in and out would compare wifi/ Ethernet input?

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After reconnecting the Ethernet cable you will need to restart the streamer.

If you can hardwire, then always hardwire.

Yes one or another, it’s the same with most PCs, the idea is to stop network loops.

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