WiFi vs Ethernet

So basically the higher price the hifi the lower it’s convenience factor and everything in your house effects it. Something is a little of kilter in my eyes. Paying the prices for this high end kit is it asking too much to expect it to work perfectly in a normal home environment no one lives in a faraday cage.


It would be nice if more spent on the HiFi gave fewer of these effects - but I find you get more of everything, including being able to hear all of what you could not hear before good and bad.

Easy to just ignore my point above but really for those who have the option and want to find out what it does. It may be very dependent on system topology and general wiring set-up.

Also WiFi is almost everywhere and my house has signals from several other houses, so it is just that the one right next to the system has a stronger signal. The system will have measures to reduce ingress of EM noise but nothing is perfect, just good or better.

It is not as if the system sounds awful using it with the House WiFi running, just that it is a more relaxing immersive experience, for me, with it not on. I don’t know why, but it does not prevent me knowing it is better for me.


Hey Darkebear, when you want to listen to music, you should have your neighbors turn off their WiFi, and call and have the TV and radio stations shut off their transmitters. Lol.

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Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - UPS just advised my cable did not make it through customs and on its way back to me :sleepy:

I think i have reached a WIFI vs Wired decision, simply put i have worked at home a few days this week and apart from a short session (once the app actually found the room) it was boring, no engagement.

you say that your sr cable could not be sent to sr?

It arrived in the USA stalled in customs, it is now being returned to me, UPS have no idea :thinking:

I spent many years sending prototype engineering stuff both ways to & from US & Europe. If paperwork isn’t right going into US its very liable to get refused. And by isn’t right, I’m thinking minutiae.

why a cable can be refused? it’s unbelievable ! ( i guess i understood correctly that Obsydian ‘ s cable was refused )

No its not unbelievable, if the Customs Declaration or other papers required are not correct, its refused entry into USA.

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I will add that another issue might be related to the value of the goods that was entered on the customs declaration. If the value entered was the retail price of the cable, that would most likely attract attention; That is looney toones money for a materials cost that the customs people would estimate as less than $20.

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