Will a Nac 42 / Nap 110 combo drive Harbeth 30.1?

I have used a 42 / 110 with the small Harbeths P3s with success. Wondering if anyone has experience with this combo driving a pair of Harbeth 30.1s? I am planning to use them in a room that is roughly 16ft square with 12ft ceilings.

I measured, it’s actually 20 x 16. Speakers will be on the short wall.

I cannot answer your question, but I would like to know what that combination can drive, too.

I have a NAC 42 on the way as the basis for a second system and still need a power amp. They will be paired with Spendor 3/5 speakers for the time being.


The P3 are less sensitive vs the m30. the p3 are 83.5db the m30 85 with 6 ohm nomin impendance.

So no problem at all !!

Sorry, the m30 are no problem?

Might depend what you mean by drive them. Many people claim a Nait can drive Kans but it sounds gutless and lightweight to me. 42/110 is my idea of minimum, by providing some bass and quite good bass control. But with 250 they are definitely being driven (and kept on a tight leash at all times).

I cannot tell for sure, but I think it would fall short.

I used to run Harbeth Compact 7 ES-2’s with a 102/140 setup. It was really lively and tuneful, but rather lean in the bass register. I upgraded the 140 to an Olive 250 and the result was much better.


IIRC the Harbeth designer generally says that 80-ish watts is a rule of thumb minimum for his speakers. In Naim land, that roughly means a 250.

Naturally one could reply that he only says that because he doesn’t sell amplifiers, and Naim watts are more potent than the raw numbers suggest (and people do say both of those things at times).

I’ve only tried my 250 with my 30.1s, but I suspect that a 110 will sound ok with 30.1s, but won’t bring out their full potential. That might be what you want, though, if you have plans to upgrade the 110 in due course.

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