Will a step-up voltage transformer affect Uniti Atom sound quality/performance?

Hello everyone. newbie here, would be grateful for your advice please.

I’m flying to Barbados next week and I would really like to buy a Uniti Atom here in England and bring it with me.

However, the Atoms here are wired for 230v and Barbados is a 110v/50hz country.

The back of the Uniti atom states “50/60 hz” as the frequency.

Will there be a negative effect on the sound quality if I use a step-up voltage transformer with the Uniti Atom?

I saw decent looking ones like Krieger and Bronson++ online (around 1000W)…

Please advice if its worth going down this route or I would be better off getting a NAD M10 instead which is autovolt.

thanks in advice… your opinions will help
me make the final decision…

I would try to avoid a transformer, unless it’s just a temporary measure, as it will have an adverse effect on performance.

Without wishing to disagree with @Richard.Dane, I think it’s pretty difficult to know just exactly how (or whether) the transformer will affect sound quality… That said, his point about temporary measures versus permanent solutions is well made!

To be more specific: I have a 110V Atom in use at our home in Europe operating with a (good quality / high spec) step down transformer. It sounds great and it’s a pleasure to have a nice stereo during our time in two locations.

Would I have gone out of my way to buy this as a permanent choice? Almost certainly not! Would I have invested comparable funds on something else for the duration of our situation? Unlikely. So I feel we are ahead of that game even if the transformer is affecting the performance… and it’s certainly not obvious to me that it does (given all the other changes in life and context). Disclaimer on bias: I’m not in the camp where power lines have improved things, but do note that there are advantages to having clean and stable electrical mains and good grounding. That might turn out to be a learning process for you in a new country with a different grid.

Like Richard, my advice is to decide based on your long-term situation.

Best wishes for success and enjoyment in your new locale - exciting times!

Regards alan

hi, thanks both for the advice.

I have a job that will involve moving from one country to another every 2 or 3 years… so if I go for the Atom, I will be using it for 2 years with a transformer and then I could end up in a 230 volts country next…

this is also the reason why I am trying to avoid a separates system…

my speakers are LS50 Metas…

thanks again

Well, I’d get the stereo that you like and enjoy it wherever you are… I find it difficult to believe that the (potential) sonic degradation from a step up transformer would give a less satisfying experience than the corresponding unknowns associated with the SMPS approach (that allows the NAD to operate at both 110 and 230 V). Way too many variables in play to make it all about this one thing.

Pick the one you like, and live happily every place you go!

Have fun and stay safe.

Regards alan

To me this doesn’t sound that far from the concept of using a BLT. It’s just that it won’t be 1:1. I’d have thought, with the correct size/rating of transformer, this wouldn’t be an issue.

I’d suggest one with a high VA (maybe 2000 or even 3000) so it’s got excess capacity. I’d recommend going to airlinktransformers. I have one of their BLTs and the products are excellent. Okay you don’t get flashy cases or lights but these guys are transformer manufacturers and know what they’re doing.

hi, thanks so much both for your suggestions.

I finally went on with the Uniti Atom and brought with me 2 transformers rated at 1500W and 1700W. The typical consumption of the Atom says 90W so I hope that is enough headroom.

Airlink transformers is on holiday until today and I will get it touch with them tomorrow in case they can ship something to me here in the Caribbean.

thanks again. much appreciated.

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