Will go vinyl again - advice on updates

A friendly hello on Saturday

As I had more time at home recently, my Naim upgrade ideas are growing faster.

I would like to clear my so much loved TT from its „dust“ and re-animate it.

I have a phonosophie p3 with Thorens tp90s and Benz Micro e 605.
Thought about following next steps:

  • refurbish my e605 (is the same as van den Hul ddt) —> I loved the sound of it and would like to keep it
  • add Naim p3ps power supply
  • add Naim prefix k to the tt
  • General checkup of tt

When all is collected the p3 will go to dealer for careful work. I do live 15 min away from phonosophie company … no problem here :o)

My question is…
I ran the tt in the last century (damn I am old) perfect on nac 72 with 323 k phono boards.
I assume, that I therefore need the prefix in the k setup as well.
My friendly dealer offered to service the prefix at Naim (Service is very fine with me). The prefix is currently the s version. During service it should be changed to k setup.
Is this a regular way and workaround for the phono boards / pre amplifiers?

And a last question…
I have used the Benz (aka DDT) with k boards, but do not remember if anyone chose this for my setup - 30 years ago.
Would I have recognized if the boards where the wrong ones?
Had anyone here used a Benz or DDT and what boards have you been using?
I do want to have a correct setup for the „how could I ever stopped listing to vinyl effect“ :slight_smile:

And after all that … the aro will be another next step :o)

Thanks for some thoughts

Put an Aro on that Phonosophie, one of the best things I ever heard

Good luck

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I know that … it was part of an era. Aro will be the endgame Version. And a fully naimed p3.

When an aro crosses my way next week… maybe… :o)

There is rumor of Naim relaunching the aro - or is this net talk?

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Personally i think they are mad not look into the Aro again, and thanks!

All i see is talk now and again IYKWIM

Oh dear - do not know what IYKWIM means…

There is an aro on eBay - serviced by Naim.
With lp 12 armboard. Don‘t know what this means. Can I use the aro anyway on the phonosophie.
And what stands „Brinkmann“ for in respect of the arm?

Wow - I have been digital for way too long

Yes, it’s quite straightforward during a Prefix service to change between an S or K. If it’s being done at Naim, depending on how old it is, it should also have an RF mod done and the old grey SNAIC replaced by a black one.

As for the Aro, there have long been questions here and there about whether it might one day return. I would love it to come back, and have lobbied for some years now, but so far unfortunately with no result. I’d imagine that if it ever did so it would probably have to be updated or re-engineered in some way, particularly as certain parts were getting difficult to make or source and AFAIK the old jigs and the “oven” are now gone. I guess from Naim’s point of view it would all boil down to whether the demand is there, and if so, whether the will is there too.


If you know what i mean, from my daughter lol


Thanks for the feedback, I would think its viable in people, materials and demand?

Thanks to both of you.
Can I use the aro with „Brinkmann“ and the lp12 armboard. Is the armboard only some kind of tool for helping installation onto lp12.

I have no kids - hope this works asapology :slight_smile::slight_smile: :rofl:

Luck you !!! Well sometimes :wink:

I also read that that adjustment of the aro can be very tricky. Is this correct? There is nothing against some hearing sessions adjusting wheight … have done it a lot in my youth.

Anyone some ideas Or information on armboard and Brinkmann?

When considering an LP12, I did get the advice from a very experienced fettler that the Aro is not for the faint of heart, and that there is a commitment required to get it set up just right and keep it there that is avoided with some other also excellent arms.

I would like to put the aro on my beloved phonosophie no3

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Setting up the Aro is not difficult- one just needs to be careful when tightening and adjusting the arm pillar to establish VTA. The bias , anti skate, is a simple weight and azimuth is a similar, simple weight minus the monofilament. VTF is set by moving the counterweight and measuring downforce at the cartridge .There is no option for setting cartridge overhang, so there you go…simples.

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Need some more advices.
My plany are growing and I am looking forward to my TT being back again :slight_smile:

I will go for the Prefix - some questions (maybe Richard will know):

  • When was the HF update included (does anyony know the date/serial for this change)
    –> Maybe Black snaic does also mean, that HF is included.

Which Version of Prefix do i need.
I currently have a Benz Micro e605 cartridge (= vdH DDT) and will have it refurbished or buy a new vdH DDT or MC one.
I have used the Benz Micro e605 for many years with the 323K boards.
Is there page or information on the output of cartridge to match with S or K Version?

THANKS a lot

The Prefix RF mod was applied in production from s/n 192450 for the Prefix S and from 194949 for the Prefix K. Many earlier units have of course had the RF mod applied during a service so best check on any service history.

The Prefix S and K have the same gain and sensitivity and differences are mainly down to loading (470ohm S, 560ohms K) and filtering - the S is more steeply rolled off beyond 20kHz, which can sometimes work best with MC carts that have less control of their very high frequencies.


Thanks a lot Richard!
Sorry to ask - maybe my german now kicks in.

Does this mean, that the S version is recommended for MC carts in general - or only for the "less performant ones" who can not manage the higher frequencies.

Maybe with 323K I have used the wrong boards in the 90’s - I have been told that they were for Linn Karma MC. I do not know, if there were 323S boards available back then.
Also theses were ancient times before the availability of adressing questions via internet -:slight_smile:

Maybe I can use both K and S version with my Benz/VdH carts.
Reason I am asking is - that I have the chance to by buy either S or K version.

Yes, S for low output MC carts in general.

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Oh dear … I am new in this.
Does “0.65 mV/channel” stand for low output?
Where does high output begin?

Sorry :slight_smile:

0.65mV is the high end of low output. It should be fine with an S.