Will my amp explode if i go with a banana?

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First post from a soon to be first time Naim owner. I’m awaiting delivery of a Naim XS2. I notice that the rear panel has a warning not to use individual 4mm plugs. What am i being warned against? Sound quality I assume? I’m more than happy to use the supplied Naim plugs but in the current lock down I’m going to struggle to access a soldering iron…so I thought I could just go for my existing 4mm banana plugs, but then what will happen. Will my amp explode into a ball of fire and burn my house down? That would be quite humiliating. Just strikes me as odd to put a ‘warning’ when surely it couldnt be that bad. Apologies if this has been asked before!



You can use banana plugs without your amp exploding. Enjoy


I have a Nait XS2 and my cables have banana plugs both ends. As of the time of writing, it sounds good and the house hasn’t burned down yet.

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@Ranulph Yes, you’ll be perfectly fine with standard banana plugs just like everyone else. This isn’t the last bit of Naim wackiness that you’ll encounter…but the equipment does sound good. Enjoy.

I’ve used banana plugs in several different Naim amps with no problem. No reason why that should be a problem. I think that there was an issue raised some years ago because the size of the holes (and their spacing) were such that it was possible to plug a mains plug from some country or countries in, and that could be dangerous - though even then several other things would have to be wrong to cause a problem. But the metal prongs of the standard Naim loudspeaker plug are basically banana plugs - of a higher quality than some, though.

Brilliant. I needed a really good laugh. Thanks


Great. Well if my house just burn down i know who to blame!

I will try to remember not to try and power my speakers from the wall socket - a new type of active speaker i wonder!

If your knob moves, let us know. Otherwise you’re :+1: ok


If we get another knob-mover, I’ll have a nervous breakdown.

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What is this, a new kind of “is my mains socket working tester?” :0)


Had a quick look online at banana plugs and found this.

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I had no idea a naim forum could be so fruity! I’ll be careful where I plug my knobs at all times and keep my tweeter out of the woofer.

Using single banana plugs does have a slight risk of getting them the wrong way round if you have to unplug and replug, particularly if you are plugging “blind” behind a stack. I use double bananas for this reason. I managed to find a pair with the exact same spacing as the standard Naim plug.

Double banana

Correct me if I am wrong, but if speaker cables are connected to the amp, but not the speakers, sound is on and the +ve and -ve touch at the speaker end, that can cause problems for the amp ?

Maximum I can do, NAIM, for you. Is there any nicer job on the web? I didn’t find one single picture or description. Just two plugs and note: use it!

I found it quite difficult stuffing NACA5 cable into banana plugs with double screws, but got there in the end, no issues and said cable sounds better than cheapo QED previously fitted :grinning:

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