Will naim manufacture speakers again?

Just listening to Muso cranked up in the kitchen whilst making tea (lamb curry) and for what it is it does sound rather good. Incredible what the speakers can produce in terms of musical bass. The top end seems a bit rolled off etc etc but you can’t have everything in a one box system. But it begs the question in the title. I guess their hands are somewhat tied with Foacal at the healm, but scale up the Muso drivers with some obvious mods and…

It’s a vast oversimplification, but the mu-so essentially consists of focal drivers and naim electronics in one box.
There isn’t much space at the factory to reintroduce speaker production.

Big brother would never allow it! :open_mouth:


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Should have done my research, didn’t realise drivers were by focal. :unamused:

Of course they will…right after they release the updated ARO…


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