Will Naim remake the ARO please?

I have been rejigging my LP 12 thanks to Andy Mclaren!

I would love to add an Aro to my Linn I have the old faithful LVX Basik currently. Any thoughts?


But if they make it again, my resale value will drop and I won’t be able to sell mine in years to come for 10 grand+.


While you’re waiting, there are plenty of good options to tide you over. I found an Ittok to be a great upgrade from the Basic, and you can find one and have it fitted quite easily here in the real world.

I second that request.

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What happened to the Javelin arm ?

With the unfortunate demise of Jelco recently, I suspect a new tonearm supplier is now needed.

This opportunity would be far more beneficial for some regular Naimees than a crazily priced, limited edition sports car. LOL.

We can all dream.

Audio Origami? Art Dudley liked it a lot on Lp 12.


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The Roksan and Vertere arms are a good option at least to consider.

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Tiger Paw just stopped, dealers sold all there stocks

I was all go for a Javelin, but dealer could not get hold of them - looked at other arms only option

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@Trazom what is the level of your current deck? if you don’t have the karsouel fiited that would be my first suggestion rather than arm


Shame. It looked like a nicely engineered bit of kit.

it was and they value for music vs money was superb, there are still some TP parts around with dealers esp TP Tranquility now for those of us who have had Karsouel fitted

I still have the TP Khan on my deck which is going nowhere

My Aro is here to stay I had it installed 2004 never looked or wanted anything else.




Very much the go to arm at a certain price point if you don’t want the Linn options.

The ARO was dependent on tooling I understand (which I think is no longer available ) so whilst it would scratch an itch for many I think Naim have moved forward .

Forward or sideways or even backwards ?

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I think forwards, when they had the Aro is was Naim Classic plus speakers. Now it is Classic, Muso and Uniti but no speakers.

Given they are with Focal in common ownership there is no need from a marketing perspective

Aro may have been a fine product but it was a niche product .

Probably an Audio Origami would be your best non-Linn option .

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To be fair, most Naim gear is niche product. Power supplies at 5 grand plus?


Niche work if you can get them…


Shame, it’s not like tooling or press dies to form car parts or sheet metal. Tooling could have been stored safely, and in a small square meter room I am sure.


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