Will the ND5 XS2 being replaced anytime soon?

I’m totally enjoying streaming much more since I bought the supernait 3 and the blue node, so much so I’m listening to tidal way more than my LPs so it’s got me contemplating upgrading to the ND5 XS2. I believe the ND5 XS2 was released in 2019 so I’m curious if there will be a replacement anytime soon??

Naim don’t change their models frequently, and they have said fairly recently that they expect the current range to run for a good few years so I don’t think it will be replaced any time soon. There is plenty of scope for upgrading it via firmware update to add new functionality.

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Short answer: no :slight_smile:

Covid has probably pushed everything 2 years behind schedule most likely anyway.

Also be prepared, I believe, for a long wait for a new ND5XS2 as it seems to be one of the models worst hit by supply chain problems.

I’m very pleased with mine though.

my dealer quoted me up to 6 months last month which isn’t as bad as some have experienced in the last year so hopefully things are getting better

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Three forum members took ND5 XS2 delivery this week I think, at least two were new. I was hoping that was a sign that things were starting to get better!


it is those people waited round a year from ordering so the wait time is getting shorter :joy:

Covid situation in China has been better for a while so there has been reports that the electronic components situation was beginning to lighten up. But yesterday there was reports on new theatre lockdowns in several districts in Beijing and 7 out of the 16 districts in Shanghai was going into lockdown for testing so it still seem a bit shaky.

And local/bigger companies are probably buying up any stock that become available for future use. Naim factories are in the UK and I guess they don’t have hit-teams roaming Asia like Apple has (to name a big one) so they have to wait.

EBay may help -it did me.


If only we could think of a country other than China capable of making electronic components… :roll_eyes:

but where are they going to dig the rare minerals out of the ground?

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