Will Uniti Atom automatically switch input when digital optical is fed?

I have my eye on Uniti Atom.
One thing that I wonder is whether it will switch input when audio signal is fed through the optical digital cable, which in my case will be from the TV.
I listen to streaming audio like Spotify 90% of the time, but when I decide to watch TV, I want the system to switch to TV immediately without my intervention. Many integrated amplifiers are capable of this, and I hope Atom can too.

No. You have to switch inputs manually I believe.

This is a user selectable option with the HDMI input, but not with SPDIF.

Oh, then it’s still possible I guess. My TV has an HDMI ARC output.

Thanks for the reponses.

Yes, if your Atom has the HDMI input, give it a try. Unfortunately HDMI implementation is not always that good, and can vary with different TVs, but it’s good when it works.

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