Wilson-Benesch Precision P1.0 anybody?

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has anyone listened and can say something about the standmounters Wilson Benesch Precision P1.0?

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I haven’t specifically heard the WB Precision 1.0 but I have heard some of their other current speakers.

The £10k WB Vectors are excellent value for money which at that price point provide unheard of detail and resolution. Quite a mid range dominant speaker and can do reasonable scale for a speaker of that modest size. The most closely related standmount to the WB Vector is the WB Vertex.

I suggest you call Luke Milne (the owner and designer’s son, who is their chief marketing guy), very friendly and helpful and he can talk you through the differences. The midrange/bass driver used in even the cheapest speakers is the same as that used in The Eminence which is £125k+. In the UK, WB have a direct to consumer sales approach, not through dealers. But on the Continent where you are they will use a distributor.

The £20k WB Act One Evolution is a slightly bigger floorstander, more balanced across the frequency range than the Vector. Again a great performer but obviously the competition is stiffer at the £20k point.

Another speaker range with similar attributes to WB speakers would be Audiovector from Denmark. The equivalent standmount would be the R1 Arete. Similar price to the Precision 1.0.


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Wilson Benesh is a great match with Naim. I tried personally and some have this brand here with Naim.
One thing is unsure: will your Nap 200 be enough to run them properly?
I don’t know.

If I was in your place, not sure I would allow such money on speakers, with a 202/200.
I would upgrade first for 282/ Hicap / 250. But it’s me.

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Yes you are right, they are a great match with Naim. They are a fairly easy load but of course the more power the better. I had them on trial at home with a NAP500 . A NAP 200 is a 70W amp so I don’t think there will be any problem.

They are also very room friendly too. You can get some standmounters that can be very difficult and radiate out too much energy in all directions. Well designed, quality brand, no question about that but they don’t get much press because of the marketing approach.

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I’ve got a pair of Vertex - outstanding speakers in every way. Luke brought the speakers down to South Wales for the demo and brought a new pair down again when I bought them!
Originally bought them when I had Cyrus x300 mono amps.
As said previously contact Luke - he will only be to willing to help you.

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First of all thank you for the first replies…
I have some doubts if this small standmounters are enough (I mean for the bass response) in a 25/28 squaremetres standard furnished living room…(sometimes I don’t understand what the magazines such as “Whathifi?” mean with “small room”)

I’d suggest that @frenchrooster is on the right track, and that moving to a 282/250 with your existing speakers might be a more effective way to go. You might be surprised the difference a better and more powerful amplifier can make. Swapping from the Harbeths to the WBs would sound different but not necessarily better.

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How big is your room?
Thanks !


Approx 3.5m x 3.8m. Use them with a 282/250 combo. Never turn volume control above 9’oclock as that Is gut wrenching loud!

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I have a 26/28 square mètres living room, not sure if the bass response of P1.0 is enough…

Not familiar with the p1’s but i ran a pair of their Arcs on the end of a hicap’d supernait for a good few years and was very happy. A little bass light as expected given their size and liked to be driven hard to really sing. I stayed with the brand and moved onto some Vectors as I enjoyed the Arcs so much. A Good company to deal with, in the uk they offer a nice long home demo period and also a loyalty discount if you choose to upgrade in their range.

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When I bought my WB Discovery with amplifier I had a demo at home with NAC200 and NAC300. The 200 was already good but the 300 had much more body. I did decide for the 202/300 combo because somehow it sounded better for me, instead of the 252/300 combo.

For that size room I would suggest WB Evolution Act One if you are looking for decent scale but then you will need appropriate amplification to get scale. But you can create a more intimate smaller listening space within a big room. It depends how you set things up.

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