Wimbledon iplayer UHD

Agree definitely a step forward having the UHD/4k feed

Watching live feed now; brightness & contrast balance is wrong, it looks dull, sunlight looks like moon light.
Going back to regular HD

Yes the gamma mapping doesn’t look quite right on very high contrast shots on my LG OLED tv either, but nit picking really… with that sun getting low it’s a high contrast image.

WishI’d read this earlier - is there a list of suitable TVs/STBs?

I wouldn’t call it nit picking. The way it attempted to handle the lighting difference between sunlight & shadow is something that they clearly have not got right. This is a lighting condition every sunny afternoon at Wimbledon. I’m surprised & disappointed TBH;. dulling down the contrast extremes to maintain image definition was a real off putter for me. I preferred the blown out bight sunlight areas of regular HD.

Much better than last year, which looked a bit dark and muted on our Sony 49 inch.

We get occasional gliches, which I assume is the tv resyncing, but we only get 37 mbps which and its basically fine, as long as we don’t have anything else running. I made the mistake of switching to UHD before my wife had finished work. Oops.


I see the glitches as well… I think that is more at the source end / encoder end rather than things to do with tv client. On HD there is no such glitches.

Mike I called it that, as on my TV its not a big issue… but one that is there. I think this will vary from TV to TV and its gamma mapping algorithm and how it’s setup and I readily understand it could look very off on your particular TV.

What we need is consistency between the channels and / or TVs that allow user config setup for each HDR type. As the resolution (and I am not talking just screen size such as 4K, but more importantly for UHD colour gamut and dynamic range) is wound up on TV then these things become more apparent.

The HDR the Beeb are using (Hybrid Log Gamma; a joint British / Japanese invention) is different from the HDRs that Netflix and Apple use for example (HDR10 and Dolby Vision)… and Sky don’t yet adopt HDR on their UHD transmissions. Your TV has to be setup to correctly process the HDR type, and I am not sure many TVs allow user set up differences between all the HDR types even if they decode them. On my LG tv, the only HDR type I can separately configure is Dolby Vision … from what I can see the HDR user config settings are shared for HLG and HDR10. My HDR10 on the whole looks spot on, however on high contrast images with HLG the mid point looks a little low.

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That might be so Simon, but you’re missing my point. I said in my post I’m surprised & disappointed TBH
Surprised that BBC are transmitting this very well known problem without having it resolved to make an acceptable picture for all TV receivers (if indeed that is the case)
I’m disappointed for people trying UHD TV for the first time. And no matter what technical reasoning you make, it’s all gobble-de-gook to the vast majority of viewers & even if their TV’s are able to be adjusted to compensate & they had the know how to do it, that means adjusting back for regular TV.
I’m more than happy personally to experiment, & maybe this is what BBC have in mind by transmitting on the red button & iPlayer, it’s for technophobes (you & me).
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy enough to fiddle around & experiment, more so if the subject was of more interest to me. UHD has made good progress but its not ready for OSB & Wimbledon especially at the moment.

In some respects I disagree with you Mike. We all have the option to choose what version we watch, Sky, iPlayer HD, iPlayer UHD etc. I for one find it fascinating to watch the technology evolve. On my LG OLED I can achieve a very good image that is a small amount out in a couple of areas and it is very close to being there.

No problem, but there is nothing to disagree with, I too am fascinated with the evolution. I just said its not ready for some OSB conditions & was being specific about BBC & one obvious problem at Wimbledon only. Personally my interest in tennis can be counted on one finger, but my wife is a big follower throughout the year, not just Wimbledon.
She asked to watch UHD & was disappointed with the high sun / low shadow light problem with the Wimbledon show courts, outside of that she is happy enough with it.

Crispy, my LG would appear to be the same as yours… perhaps not surprising. What this shows to me is the inconsistency in consumer TVs. This will no doubt improve as these HDR formats become more common… and that will happen with broadcasters such as the BBC starting to use them.
It reminds me of the very early days of HD and the adoption of Rec. 709 in the late 90s and picture inconsistency of TVs using HD on the Sky Digital platform … now we take it for granted and it’s ubiquitous and consistent across platforms.

Simon, mine is the 55B7V. Completely agree with your comment on early HD. Recall early BBC broadcasts were not up to Sky material at the time and this was obvious with football coverage where the BBC had far more noise such as with the crowd in the background. I do find there are a few variations though. Watching the women’s World Cup recently the live picture from Sky Q was better than the iPlayer HD feed. Should not be internet speed related as I have 250M fibre to the router.

Simon, also worth trying the Dynamic Contrast settings as noticed progressive increase in contrast and brightness.

Oh drat, bought my Samsung one year too early…


Crispy… I have my TV calibrated so I disable any dynamic contrast on the display. The hybrid log gamma decoder should take care… but anyway fantastic men’s singles final :grinning:

Yes definitely dynamic contrast on. Mine’s on medium.

This year the picture is perfect. Can’t fault it.

Dynamic contrast would counter the HLG encoding to some extent… so your TV would try and optimise the picture rather than display what is being sent to it…
for me it’s not the dynamic range but the curve response between the mid point and total white that is not tracking quite right in a high contrast image, and dynamic contrast would not address that …
I have noticed today a lot of washed out highlights… you can see it in sky shots with clouds into the sun and white shirts in the sun…

I don’t want to adjust my mid grey point, as that will screw up my HDR10 settings… unfortunately on my TV HDR10 and HLG share the same calibration settings.

From the Beeb themselves including only using Dynamic Contrast if you have to…

There’s settings spread on the net that become standard. ‘Warm’ colour balance for example, which is far too warm. I’ve set the dynamic contrast on and to medium because it definitely looks better and switched off looks poor on hdr. On hd/sd transmission, it’s off.

Highlights were blown out on both hd and hdr Wimbledon, but kept better on hdr.

Superb picture today. Pity Federer didn’t win.

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