Wimbledon iplayer UHD

Crispy… I have my TV calibrated so I disable any dynamic contrast on the display. The hybrid log gamma decoder should take care… but anyway fantastic men’s singles final :grinning:

Yes definitely dynamic contrast on. Mine’s on medium.

This year the picture is perfect. Can’t fault it.

Dynamic contrast would counter the HLG encoding to some extent… so your TV would try and optimise the picture rather than display what is being sent to it…
for me it’s not the dynamic range but the curve response between the mid point and total white that is not tracking quite right in a high contrast image, and dynamic contrast would not address that …
I have noticed today a lot of washed out highlights… you can see it in sky shots with clouds into the sun and white shirts in the sun…

I don’t want to adjust my mid grey point, as that will screw up my HDR10 settings… unfortunately on my TV HDR10 and HLG share the same calibration settings.

From the Beeb themselves including only using Dynamic Contrast if you have to…

There’s settings spread on the net that become standard. ‘Warm’ colour balance for example, which is far too warm. I’ve set the dynamic contrast on and to medium because it definitely looks better and switched off looks poor on hdr. On hd/sd transmission, it’s off.

Highlights were blown out on both hd and hdr Wimbledon, but kept better on hdr.

Superb picture today. Pity Federer didn’t win.

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