Windows 11 Android

Recently received an update on my W11 laptop in the UK to 22H2. Reading the notes said that Android apps should work via the Amazon Appstore. Followed some instructions to download the Appstore but when I load it up and select to logon to Amazon wheel just spins and goes back page. Can just see a message web page not found. Also tried option to create new account and same message . Anyone got this working?

Yes it’s working as expected for me…think I just installed the Amazon App Store from the Microsoft store and then had access to those apps available in that app store.

Seems okay but no Naim App.

Oh dear just me then!. Have googled the issue but not found a lot

No, Naim previously clarified that they no longer have plans to submit the Naim app to the Amazon app store for use with the Windows Android Subsystem. You never know plans may change.

As others have stated previously you can use other methods if you desire to sideload the Naim app e.g. BlueStacks

Oh… okay. Now uninstalled.

It’s possible to install the Google Play Store on Windows 11 (Google is your friend).


That’s what I get. Loads up the Amazon Appstore fine but when I click on login existing or new user wheel spins but doesn’t get to a logon page

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