Windows 11 Subsystem for Android

I’ve seen several threads touching on this, but they all seem closed.

I gather that the most recent release of Windows 11 supports the Windows Subsystem for Android. As I understand it, that should let a user run the Naim app for Android on a Windows computer. Has anyone tried this?

It’s a preview feature at present only available to US users AFAIK although I’m sure there are probably ways around that but probably limited exposure on this forum…keen to try it at some time

It seems you’re right that it is only available in the U.S. (where I am), but it also seems to have graduated from the preview stage in late April.

Good news, worth giving it a try be good to hear your views. I’ve used WSL2 on Windows 11 and was pleasantly surprised

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Just having a quick read of some of the requirements and seems like the Naim app must be submitted to the Amazon app store for it to be available to the Android subsystem

@jegreenwood be good if you could have a look and see if you can see it in the Amazon app store or directly via the Microsoft store. If it’s not there at least we can raise it with Naim

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Apparently I can’t download the Amazon App store until add the Windows subsystem for Android. And I was hoping not to be the guinea pig. :grinning: Especially since my Windows 11 computer has only 8 GB of RAM, which is apparently the minimum required (16 GB recommended).

@jegreenwood :joy: :joy: Maybe someone else will be interested in giving it a try. I think I might have read somewhere that you may need plenty of memory for the Android subsystem so perhaps safer to not be the guinea pig!

I will ask Naim what the plans are though

@Stevesky Steve…could you enlighten us please re. running the Naim app on the Android Subsystem for Windows 11. Seems like Naim may have to submit the app to the Amazon app store, is this correct and if so what are plans/timesclaes? Thanks for update.

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You could side load I guess, or just install BlueStacks which has been out for years.

Doesn’t work with bluestacks as the bluestacks instance doesn’t appear on the same WiFi network and there is no way to change it

I used it for the best part of a year, there is a setting for that

I’ve tried a few times to get the Naim app in bluestacks to see the streamer but it always fails due to not being on the same network. What setting do I need to change to get it working?

Apologies I didn’t use Bluestacks in the end I used NoxPlayer.

Install noxplayer. Then once its launch click the settings cog top right then click on device. Then install the network bridge tool, once its installed turn it on, it will show dhcp but probably some random IP but it wil offer to restart it, do so then you will have a network address like any other device. You will notice its basically an android phone. You can sign into google play and install the naim app.

In that device setting you can also set it to be a mobile phone layout and set the resolution, you can shrink it down anyway just like any window. Here you can see its picked up my uniti no bother.

@Stevesky Steve are you able to update us at all please?

Hi there,
No plans to submit to Amazon App store at the moment.
Thanks, Tom

@tomvamos Thanks Tom

So effectively we wont be able to run the Naim android app on the Windows Subsystem for Android. This seems contrary to what we were told previously when asking about a Naim desktop client i.e. wait for the Windows Subsystem for Android??

I have offered a solution which is identical and available today.

Appreciated but I’m interested in the windows subsystem development

Hi @Jack @jegreenwood

As my colleague @tomvamos mentions in his post, currently its not on our roadmap.

Currently the headline of run Android apps on Win 11 sounds great, but the realities of the conditions attached to the feature make it quite a niche and half-cooked solution.

Like a lot of techs, we’ll keep an eye on it and if it starts to get to a point where its a real option for cross platform apps then it may go on the roadmap.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I would also really like to see this happen, have there been any changes since this reply a couple months ago? I would also like to see integration with the Amazon music player as there is with others. I’m still waiting for Spotify to have higher quality streaming, it had been promised by the end of last year, 7 months late I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime I use Amazon music since they offer HD service but I’m sad there isn’t better integration with my Naim Atom.