Windows PC for photo viewing & processing

If you didn’t buy your monitor yet, I would suggest you to take a look at Eizo monitors, they are just fantastic, especially the ColorEdge CG series; however their cheaper ColorEdge CS can be fine if you don’t need top notch quality and refinement. IMHO to me they are better than the already nice 4K retina display.
PS always remember to calibrate your monitor for optimal performance and consistent results.

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Hi Orac, the short answer is that I didn’t consider Intel NUC. In the end I went through my requirements by phone with Scan & they came up with the configuration they thought would best suit. My knowledge of computers isn’t great so I relied on their advice; they didn’t mention NUC as an option within the parameters we discussed.

Hi Blacknote, thanks for your tip about Eizo monitors. I haven’t made a decision on a monitor yet as I am still using my mac for photographic editing. I will definitely investigate these! Thanks again. In the short term I will just be using a humdrum Samsung display which will serve the purpose until I need something better.

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The problem with every other manufacturer is that they just don’t match the monitors of Apple. The 27" and 32" screens form Apple are in a league of their own. Extremely expensive, but worth it.

Not sure a new 27" iMac is coming out any time soon. Strange company sometimes. How on earth can they delete their 27"iMac and not have a direct replacement?


Have you read the reviews on the Samsung ViewFinity S9 monitor. 5K at 27’', direct competitor to Apple Studio monitors. If reviews are to be believed it is a very good monitor at a much more affordable price. Due release in UK imminently, already released in other countries I believe.

Personally I didn’t wait for the Samsung but have 2 x Dell monitors (both 4K at 27", 1 x UQ2723QE and 1 x UQ2718Q) Note they both have built in USB/Video/LAN hubs so connectivity is a breeze. Both monitors together are cheaper than 1 x Samsung or Apple. I use them as dual (extended) 4k screens with my windows Intel NUC machine or when I connect to my Apple MBP 14inch I get 3 screens (2 at 4k 60Hz and 1 at 3024 × 1964).

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I don’t read reviews any more. I’ve read reviews for 20 years, bought the best NEC monitors (plus more) and after the ‘new resolution, specs, wow look of my new amazing monitor’ you realise they’re never that good and the reviews were a waste of time. Along comes Apple and even their 2021 cheapish 24" iMac screens are fantastic. Colour, contrast, colour balance spot on, uniform and the pixels are so crisp, you don’t have to zoom 100% in all the time to check sharpness.

The Studio monitor doesn’t quite match the 32" Pro XDR in quality, but there again it’s not a completely ridiculous £5,600.

No, I’m alright with the Apple screens.


Hi @Count.d,

Not a problem. Some might say that screens are a bit like our HiFi systems. Some prefer one make/model some prefer others.

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When it comes to photographic images, I want the image of my garden to look like my garden. There’s no diplomatic choice.

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I’d like the image of my garden to look like your garden too :grin:

Or at least as tidy!

I thought Intel Nuc machines were now discontinued? Or are there other form factors?

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Hi @Alley_Cat,

Wasn’t aware of that. Might just have to see if I can get one before they all disappear off the shelves. I have a fairly old Skull Canyon that has performed really well, never missed a beat.

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I have 3 excellent refurbed Dells in my network and no complaints. As @IanRobertM says … it works!


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