Wireless access points. Advise please

Trusted fellow naim forum members.

I have run a number of runs of cat6 to the extremes of my house as the WiFi from the ISPs router/WiFi thingy is pretty rubbish.

In many cases I simply hardwire a device into the ethernet port such as the TV in my back room. All good.

However, younger members of my family want " WiFi " rather than a ethernet port.

So, I want a simple WAP. Power in, ethernet in. Instantish WiFi after some basic configuration over the network.

Ideas and suggestions please. Simple and cheap is the key.

Do you have a spare router? Most (all?) can be repurposed as a wifi access point, with a tweak in the settings. I set up a spare asus here so it created its own wifi network, didnt complain about not being connected to the internet etc. You will need to disable dhcp. That’s about it.

Amazon eero mesh currently £69 for one, add as many as you need.

Orbi mesh system rb20 based is all you need for an average sized house. Gives good wifi coverage and has wired connction. I run a google chromecast to my tv and satellite box plus a wired connection for internet radio in a bedroom.

No. Chucked them all away during a clear out!

Having done the hard work of running cat6 to the extremities, I just need a simple WAP now that can benefit from connection now to the WWW via cat 6.

Fair enough, the Orbi system may be overkill, but you can use the Orbi in AP mode and cat 5/6 it back to your existing router.

TP Link archer C6 is good, while not too expensive. Router, but can be configured as access point.

I’m a fan of the Unifi stuff myself, but requires running a controller somewhere on your network so not for everyone.

Ubiquiti Unifi AP - excellent - I have configured mine with separate WiFi SSID to the router’s WiFi network and it works a treat.

Attached via an ethernet cable which is also carrying power (PoE) from a Cisco2960 switch. It also ships with a ‘power injector’ so it can be plugged into the mains.

The sound quality is so good I have switched my 3 Naim streaming devices (NDX2, Atom, Qb2) over to use this new wifi network, rather than my ethernet ports.

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I have had great succes with TP-Link Deco.

I bought a set of 3 for £99.99 and have only needed to use two units in our house which isn’t particularly large.

Both are wired and transfer devices between them as you move around.

Configuration is a doddle through an app. You do need to change from router to WAP mode which is very straightforward.

We get great speed inside the house and into the garden too and they have been very stable since installation last autumn.

For completeness I’ll feedback what I have done.
I had a number of those awful tp link WiFi extenders. The ones that use the mains cable to transmit the signal.
These simply plug into a mains socket and I have plugged in a ethernet cable from the cat6 socket in a remote room. Using either its IP address or the set up disk ( had to find it), it was easy to configure it again.
Appears to be working as expected as a straightforward WAP. And the fact it simple plugs into an electrical socket helps too.
Clearly I have ditched the nasty bit that transmits from my router to the WAP.
However, I am wondering if the WAP is trying to also communicate via the mains cabling? I am hoping its only communication is via the ethernet cabling.
Apple devices get a bit upset when connecting to it about its outdated security setup. But, you’d have to be either in the house or back garden to see the SSID. Then guess a complex password.

İf your house is big and you will need extender go with a “ mesh “ WiFi set up, it is so fast and easy to use

I am using lynksis deco x20, it solved all our problems and it is also WiFi6

It is almost as fast as the Ethernet cable

Thanks. The house is not that big.
But, I have a number of items that require Internet and are fairly static, hence why I’ve pulled cable and fitted sockets. Tvs, ndx2…
Having done the hard work, I just needed to add the flexibility of adding a WAP or 2 cheaply. A bit old skool perhaps.
I did consider a mesh system. The key of which is to buy the correct system. The walls in my house are rather dense.
I’m still a bit burnt with previous experiences with WiFi extenders etc!
But, I think I have answered my own question. Albeit with apple devices objecting to the tp links wpa-psk/wpa2-psk security.

To link deco I’ve put 3 in and got great WiFi now even in the back garden.
Given my Naim priority status.

X20 is very easy to setup and fast

Extenders are pain to use

Extenders were a crapish solution 5 years ago. But added noise to your mains, and interfered with the routers own WAP in the case of mine.
I ceremoniously throw a few away. But somehow managed to leave one alone. This has been repurposed as the WAP. OK, so security is a bit compromised. But you’d have to get into my back garden to find it’s SSID, and guess the password.

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