wireless connectivity issues with Uniti Star

  1. There are no access points found when I attempt to connect to my router wirelessly even though the screen settings display status is “wireless setup is active”. Also note my route works fine wirelessly connecting to other home devices. This is an ongoing issue and has been happening since Jan 2021.

  2. Since then the Uniti network setup - wireless access has stopped working and I am unable to connect to my wi-fi router and play the internet radio using a wireless internet connection. When I connect my Uniti Star using a wired connection this does work however that is very awkward and not normally how I use the music player unit.

This is most likely an issue with your Wi-Fi network or a Wi-Fi component on the network. Make sure all your routers and access points have been updated with the latest firmware.

Then turn off by unplugging your Star followed by your router and any access points. Wait 10 mins then turn on the router and access points. Wait a further 10 mins then plug the star back into the mains and switch it on. Does this fix your issues? If not then proceed with a factory reset on the Star and set it up again.

my star (when I had it) was the zero issue net device - it connected, it worked. always on wifi. same with nd5xs2.

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