Wireless earbud recommendations?

Hi all

Getting fed up having a cable around the neck while trying to work.
Anyone have any recommendations for a bit of casual listening while working. Ear buds due to job.

Thanks all.


I have AirPods Pro - they are fine for some noise cancelling and listening to music. Maybe not the ultimate in hifi but perfectly acceptable.


Yes these were on my list but just wondering if there is better for the money from dedicated headphone companies like the ones made by Seenheiser for example.

I have an earlier version of the Sony WF-1000XM3 which are excellent.


almost certainly - in hifi terms. But if you have an iPhone, the experience is great. E.g. they turn off when you take them out, the case charges them, the phone knows whether the ones you’ve just picked up are yours or not, they pair automatically, etc.

Yes, good point. I quite often see people using just one also. This for me being around customers and phone calls would be great.

I have the first version of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless IE which I use with my iPhone. I’m very happy with them. A bit bulky but otherwise produce great sound. Latest version a bit smaller and offers better noise cancelling.

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The airpods work seamlessly with an iPhone, they sound fine for casual listening too, I use mine out walking all the time, they also integrate nicely with Siri.

AirPods here to, the only thing i’d say is i was lucky with the fit as they are ridged plastic. Maybe you can try a mates first?

AirPods Pro have choice of 3 tips to fit - and an app on the phone to check it too…


AirPod pro here too. I have a range of wired and wireless in ear phones and now tend to gravitate to the AP’s for ease of use. They sound fine and now have surround sound with iOS 14 for supported films etc. Which is a great bonus.

Bose have some new QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds out on 5th Oct. May be worth checking out. Good battery life & similar price to AirPod Pros. I’ve used most Bose over the ear noise cancelling & they work pretty good. :+1:t3:

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These Lypertek TEVI is good bang for the buck. IPX7 weather-proofing. 10 hours battery life per charge and battery case can charge 6x giving up to 70 hours total battery life. Qualcomm chip. Bluetooth 5.0. Either earphone can be master or slave. AptX and AAC codecs - but not the best (AptX-HD or AptX-low lag). Noise cancelling microphone and USB-c charge port. I bought them for about ‎£70.

I have a pair of these too. Bought them for my wife but her hair pulls them out so I use them for travelling. I’m very pleased with them and there are lots of offers, I think I paid around half price for them. Really very good.

I must have a funny ear because the bud types fall out on one side.

@Elfer, that’s totally me! Thats why I can’t use AirPods and the like. Lets just say we are all uniquely made. :slight_smile:

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I use a pair of RHA Trueconnects, very comfortable and they sound pretty good to me. The web is full of very positive reviews especially regarding sound quality. Take a look, they often also have discount offers so register and you may get an email with a discount code.

They are based in Glasgow and their customer services were very good when i reached out to them.

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Another happy AirPod user. As well as what has been said, They’re also great for going out for a run if you have an Apple Watch… no need to carry a phone to listen to music.

Ive got the Cambridge Audio Melomania earbuds, great sound quality

Does anyone use AirPods Pro with a Samsung phone or can recommend a similar style one for Android please.

Bought a pair of those for Mrs. H. and have been taken aback by the extent to which she both uses and raves about them.