Wireless network - a few questions

I’m about to upgrade to full fibre and it’s got me wondering about wireless networks.

The new (eero) router only has two ethernet ports, one of which will connect to the openreach modem. My first thought is to connect the other to a gigabit switch and connect that switch to two others, one behind the TV, the other being the Chord EE 8 Switch wired to the hi-fi.

It seems we are being pushed in the wireless direction with very fast mesh networks and yet audiophiles have had it drummed into us that wired is better. So if I buy a wireless extender with an ethernet port plugged into the 8switch wired to my NDS, is this brave new world necessarily inferior to direct wired connection to to fibre in the wall?


Keith, I also use eero mesh network througout the house, three devices, two wired up the other wirelessly connected. From the main eero device connected to internet provider device in modem mode I connect this to 8 port gig switch then run Ethernet to my Naim atom. So basically hard wired, would recommend hard wiring if you can especially as playing hi res music files may struggle, although with full fibre and the eero device you should get great wif fi signal. Trial end error is the only real advice.

I would always hard wire (UTP) clients (streamers, pcs, printers etc) whenever possible. If you need to improve wireless for portable devices in particular locations, add one or more additional wired extension points. Mesh isn’t a magic solution and not a cost effective one in my opinion.
If you want higher end wireless using power over Ethernet (Poe) then I would look at Ubiquity hardware but it may not be necessary to spend a lot to resolve any wireless issues you have. For example I use a repurposed routers as a wireless point.

Thanks all,

I do intend to wire the NDS, but was a little disappointed that I will need an extra switch to compensate for the paucity of Ethernet ports on the eero router. The two Musos will remain wireless for now and I’m hoping the mesh (with a wireless extender) will mean they no longer periodically drop off the network.

So I think the answer to my first question is; yes, forum members using these routers are adding extra switches.

The other part is that audiophiles might find wired connection becomes a bit “old hat”. I’m not saying it will go the same way as SCART leads but it might be considered old fashioned, at least in the domestic setting.


I agree 100%. I set up a mesh wifi and to one of the nodes a switch is connected with my nas and NDX also connected via the switch. Perfect streaming.
But then I’ve never used cable connections other than PoE and never had streaming issues.
I still use PoE for my tv connection to keep it off wireless.

Do you mean PoE (power over Ethernet) or are you referring to Ethernet over power, which is very different, and technically not Ethernet at all.

Apologies I mean EoP ie Powerline.

Full fibre installed at a relatively modest 150 and I have to say I’m chuffed.

I bought a Netgear switch to replace the ports on the old switch and added an eero 6 extender to form a mesh and the results are very pleasing. I’m getting over 100mbps in every corner of the house. The wireless Musos no longer have audio drop outs or drop off the network. Also, the Sonore Bridge on the Audiostore Prestige has (so far) stopped their annoying tendency to occasionally skip tracks when using Roon on the NDS.

Here’s a picture of the neat little extender, with the Muso just showing on the left.


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