Wireworld Matrix 2 vs Audioquest Niagara 1000 or 1200

Has anybody compared the Wireworld Matrix 2 to Audioquest Niagara 1000 or 1200? Any thoughts?

Thanks for the thoughts. Right now I have 2 power strips, the Wireworld Matrix 2 which comes with UK connections and BPT PPC in US connections. I will invest in a better power strip or conditioner with US connections in the near future as I read that power cords with US plugs usually produce better results than power cords which come in UK plugs.

I would still be reluctant to change the wall outlet to US types so the first thing I’ll do at the moment is to get a Furutech power cord terminated in premium high quality (UK) plugs that will go between the wall outlet and power strip. I may change the wall outlet to a high quality Furutech model as well. After that’s sorted I will then look at a better power strip /conditioner, and power cords in US plugs will then connect between the strip/conditioner to the equipment.

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