Wiring of Naim Aro

Good day.
I’m sincerely planning on taking these bleeding BNC type connectors off of my Naim Aro and replacing them with two mini XLR connectors for my pre amp: Omtec Antares CP-1, and user the cinch for loading with resistors. At the moment I have an adapter for BNC to RCA/cinch and cannot find a bncy to mini XLR adapter. So I’m going to remove the BNC and resolve them with mini XLR.
I only need to connect the positive and negative wires in the XLR.

Which is which?

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Shouldn’t the title be “wiring” ?

Auto spell check?

I’m not sure but you could probably just check quite quickly with a multimeter doing a continuity test between cart tags and the end of the cable.

Pieper you can get adapters, go searching as my response is gone

Martin, I removed your link as it was to a commercial site, and commercial links are not allowed in the Hifi Corner. However, it also just showed adaptors for full sized XLRs, not mini XLRs, which are a lot smaller and much less commonly found and used. Either way, adaptors of any sort should be avoided with the very low level signal from a cartridge to a phonos stage.

Sorry Richard about that, i thought it was like “promoting” things through links that was not allowed. Understood. Just trying to do a favour, cheers

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Thank you for the replies so far.
I’ve got the mini XLR things today

Now for stripping the cable😵

To be honest and after thinking about it a bit… the lead in the centre of the cable should be the positive lead: the one which goes to the centre pin on the cinch/RCA or the BNC…
I’ll just try it that way and I’ll soon find out if it isn’t correct…
Our would I? Seeing that if I turn them both around the music would still be in phase…

I’m not familiar with the Aro wiring but I’m wondering if modifying the standard cable will give you problems. How are the shields connected on the existing arm cable, ie do they connect to metal work on the arm. How is the tone arm base socket to cartridge wiring configured ? The standard setup is designed for single ended operation so these need to be considered.

I would have thought that as a cartridge is effectively a balanced device you just need to connect the two output pins on each channel on the cartridge to pins 2 and 3 on the XLR. Using the shields for these connections may introduce a path either to ground or connect the two channels together (depending on how the existing arrangement is wired), negating your balanced arrangement. I’d do a bit more investigation before removing connectors.

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