Wiring Stageline to Hicap to non Naim amplifier

Hello, so I did it.
I took my Hicap out of my Naim system and could not connect it, one cable is missing.

  1. a) Is this the right way? 5 pin 240 degrees DIN to 5 pin 240 DIN (Stageline to Hicap)
    b) ordering a 4 pin Din to 2 x RCA to exit the Hicap (or exit the Stageline ??) and entering in my Rotel amplifier.

  2. As I disconnected 2 cables (Hicap + Nap 250) connected to the Hicap, I have now to reconnect the Nap 250 in the Nac 282.
    In which socket of the Nac 282 do I have to connect the Nap 250
    I suppose: I just take the cable from the Nap 250 and put this 5 pin 240 degrees in the “upgrade 1 or link 1” OUTPUT & PSU’S

Thanks for your help, I never listened to my Naim without a Hicap.
Kind regards.

The 250 will not power the 282 so you still need the hicap in your Naim system, unless you have a supercap you haven’t mentioned. If you had a 200 instead you could remove the hicap and power the pre from the power amp but not with a 250.

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That’s correct for powering the Stageline on its own for use with your Rotel. However, as Yeti correctly points out above, your NAC282 will require at least a Hicap to power its analogue circuitry (the NAPSC just does the logic and control circuits) as the NAP250 does not have any onboard power supply for a pre-amp.

Thanks so much to you both. Ok I order the wire then and leave the Naim for a week to have a rest. I forgot that the Nap 250 needed a Hicap. It would have been too easy :slight_smile:

About Chord cable: I see arrows on my 2 RCA pointing direction out of the RCA’s (from Din to RCA). Is that a direction, so that this means that I have the false cable as I need: from RCA to 5 Pin DIN (Bluesound Vault 2 to Nac 282)

Not that I order a false Chord cable now.
Have a good week.
Kind regards.

Yes, the arrows indicate favoured direction. Is that Crimson? It is ok but I much prefer Chrysalis.

A Din to RCA shouldn’t actually work if used the other way round, as the Din would be wired to the output pins. I use a Naim RCA to Din, which would be a good choice for connecting the Bluesound to the 282.

This cable I use for 7 years (not often) the wrong way (it was the cheapest Chord they had, if that is Crimson?, I do not have the packaging in mind but I’ll ask my former dealer) to play my DAT player and it played, I could not say it played bad. connected to Aux 1 in/out of the Nac 282

The bluesound was never attached with this cable and I could connect it in 5 different manners:

1)Vault 2 Optical Toslink → to my Rega Dac → by RCA → RCA terminal from NAC 282 (or DIN input)

  1. Vault 2 Coax → to my Rega Dac → RCA terminal from NAC 282 (or Din Input)

  2. Vault 2 Optical Toslink → Toslink DAT Player with RCA out–> RCA in Nac 282 (or DIN in Nac 282) no DAC involved

  3. Vault 2 RCA → RCA input of Nac 282

  4. Vault 2 RCA → Din input of Nac 282

I use 1) or 2) and could also use a good RCA to DIN cable for my Vault 2 instad of using a cheap RCA to RCA cable I used now from Rega Dac to RCA input, which is a bad solution, I have to confess.

Kind regards.

Stageline waiting for its cable.
Very excited to see if Stageline N plays well enough with the purple Elys
on my Rega P3, and firung it to the Sudgen Preout, and only then to
the Rotel amp.


Cable arrived today and with the Hicap after 30 minutes, the stage line with vintage purple Elys on my Rega P3 sounds … well: not as dull as I have expected. Queen II from 1974 was playing and I suppose something already happened compared to the Rotel RA-980 BX. And I have 1 more joker in my pocket, as it does not yet pass my Sudgen preamp. Letting both Hicap and Stageline warm up some hours now to start my listening experience.

So I need another Hicap or perhaps only a Flatcap.
How big is the difference and how does it result in terms of sound.
A happy Naimie

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