Wiring up my new acquired olive active system - help, no sound! :(

Music lover seeks sound!

Hi guys, so I’ve cobbled together a lovely little olive system from different sources - all in good condition and all recently serviced and am dying to hear it! It’s the first time I’ve connected it all up, and I am not getting any sound! My re-built LP12 is ready to do it’s thing, and my listening seat is currently vacant!

I’m not very technical, and it’s my first time going straight Naim (from Meridian and Linn). It’s wholly likely I’ve mis-connected something, or have over-looked something trivial. Would love to hear from anybody that can make some sense of this silence!

I’ll attempt to describe where I’m at below! Note the 102 didn’t have phono cards in when I got it, and the IBL’s were set up passive. System:

LP12/Lingo (MM cartridge)
Nac 102 Pre / Hi-Cap / NAPSC
Naxo 2-4/ Hi-Cap
Nap 180 x 2

I slid the 102 out and pushed down the NA522 boards into place (not sure that was done correctly and/or if I need to do anything else inside with snipping or soldering, or with the phono output at the back – it goes to 2 x RCA, not BNC)

I’ve not used the NAPSC before but have that into the port on the 102 which therefore means the blanking plug is removed.

I think I have all the correct cables, and have wired everything as follows (it’s quite possible I got this wrong however!):

LP12 to Input 1 Phono on Nac 102 using RCA cable ← NAPSC to NAPSC port on 102, with blanking plug removed

Nac 102 [5 pin din output] to Hi-Cap [Input 4]

Hi-Cap to Hi-Cap [Input 2 to Input 2 via 4 pin Din]

Hi-Cap [Socket 4] to Naxo 2-4 [middle socket]

Naxo 2-4 [using both Bi-Amp sockets] to 2x Nap 180’s using 4 pin to 4 pin Dins

I’ve also never gone active so I hope I got the speaker stuff right – I’ve unscrewed the passive cross-overs off the back of the IBL’s and have the LF and the HF from the ‘top’ 180 going into the left IBL and the LF and HF from the ‘bottom’ 180 going into the right IBL.

If I can clarify or answer anything please let me know! Thanks in advance - prize to the person that can get me to hear wonderful music from this system :slight_smile:


How about simplifying the problem…? Go back to passive.

Go direct from the first HC to a 180 (using a 4 pin SNAIC), then direct to the bass drivers of your IBLs’s…?


Hi Craig - Can I suggest to help you troubleshoot you start with a passive setup first to check things out.

You could start with the 102 / 180 first (put all link plugs back in) and then add NAPSC and then Hicap. Once satisfied that that is working then it’s time to look at the active setup.


Another way to simplify would be with a line source to rule out the additional phono boards


I am clueless about the old amps but have gathered that phono board installation differs between amp models, so see my prev. comment about trying with line. As for the correct installation in a 102, maybe @Richard.Dane knows

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Re. The cards. Has the NAC102 ever had cards fitted before? If not then that input will be kind level and when you fit cards you need to cut and move the links.


Hope you get it running. I ran IBLs active with IXO and two 180’s for a short time. The IXO wasn’t 100% but when it clicked it was brilliant. I still toy with trying out my IBLs active with my current front end but I’d need to get hold of a Snaxo 242.

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Good suggestion! I haven’t tried to see if it’s working passively yet!

Good idea on the troubleshooting - I’m going to try to locate my retired CD player from the basement!

Ah, I think you may have nailed it @Richard.Dane - I’m pretty certain it hasn’t. Sounds like I need to cut and move the links in that case - I feared there may be some snipping and soldering - not something I’ve done before but sure I could manage it, would just need to understand what I’m looking for. Any guidance or something you could point me to regarding exactly what to cut and where to move the links to would be fantastic. Thanks so much!

Has anybody else installed phono cards on a 102 that has never been set up for phono? Not seeing much online! Thank you!

You’ll need to move the links that select whether input 1 is DIN or BNC (via the phono boards) . The pic below shows them connected to use DIN input.

They’ll need desoldering and moving to the BNC contacts.

I’m sure your friendly dealer will be able to do this for you.


As James recommends above, you need to cut the links as close to the motherboard as possible where DIN is indicated, then move them to the BNC pad positions and re-solder. You can then fit phono boards. If you are worried about doing this then I’m sure a Naim dealer will oblige for a small fee.


@james_n @Richard.Dane thank you dearly you wonderful people, and everybody else that replied - you guys got me listening again! Haven’t soldered since I was 15 in woodwork class, but I did as you described, didn’t break anything, and it’s worked! :slight_smile:


Good news. well done.


Nice work Craig. Are you fully active too ?

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He’s too busy listening to his active setup to report back :grin:


Yes sir! I think I had everything connected right all along, the 102 was just waiting for a phono signal routed correctly. It’s proving a lot of fun! I’m thrilled with the pace, the dynamics, the detailed presentation of different voices and instruments, and just at how deftly it’s been handling every genre of my vinyl collection - god knows I’ve thrown enough at it these last few days - @HiFiman was indeed correct haha


Fantastic :+1:

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