Witch hat DIN-XLR cable

Just ordered a Witchhat cable for NAP300DR. Can’t wait to hear difference. Done after reading so many recommendations for Witchhat.
Anyone else done the same and if so, thoughts?

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Yes Gordon I have the WH Din to XLR for the 300DR. Did I notice a difference from the stock cables? Yes but it was marginal. Overall I thought it was worth the price - just.

Hope you are happy with them.


Quite a few folk here have found the WitchHat a worthwhile improvement over stock cable. I found it different, but not an obvious step up overall for me, but I could hear why some would have found it so. You may find it works, but the beauty of it is that you can send it back if it doesn’t. Great business approach from WitchHat. For me, it took SuperLumina (and the necessary stack of cash) to properly raise the bar over the stock cable.

Use one myself between a 272 and 250DR nice improvement over the stock cable.

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I bought a S/H Chord Chorus Reference SNAIC some time ago and never did decide whether it’s a lot better, or a little. I’ve wanted to get the matching DIN-XLR for my HCD/250DR connection but have yet to see one available.

I just bought a SL ‘blind’ (SH price for a new one so no real risk) but have enjoyed the Speaker Cables and Interconnect so am interested to see the results of that change. I was interested in the Witch Hat cables and spoke to them regarding a few models, they are super into their products and their 82/282 mod to make full use of the SC seems really well priced considering it comes with a Burndy also! I would have done the full Witch Hat loom had the SL Loom not presented itself at such a great price.

For me part of this hobby has always been about trying different things and then moving them on if they don’t satisfy. Sort of how I got to Naim I guess!

At the price of the Witch Hat I may do a comparison to SL one day just to see. Your comments will be interesting for sure.

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Agree with Steve. What I would add is that it’s difficult to determine with any certainty whether adding the SLIC to the SL speaker cable in my system improved the performance of the WH din to xlr between the SCDR and 300 as part of the overall uplift. It may well have done and I’d certainly advocate trying the WH instead of the stock cables especially at the price WH charge and with its excellent try and return offer. A no brainier really…

Ahoy, etc. I found it to be a discernible lift over the stock cable at not much cost, so it’s not going anywhere for the moment.

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One thing I will say based on personal experience is they need a long burn-in period. There’s a lot of people who think cable burn-in is a load of old tosh but in my own experience I have found all the WH interconnects I bought needed 100+ hours to “settle in”. So, after plugging in don’t be surprised if they sound a bit toppy - this will sort itself out over time and any harsh edges should round off nicely.


I have a few WH in my Olive system, replacing the stock cables. Of those which do not carry DC secondary power…

I found that the DIN-XLRs between SNAXO & 250s made a significant improvement. I would put it on a par with changing Flatcap to HiCap on my 102. It really was quite astonishing. And speaking as an Elect. Eng., bl00dy perplexing as to why!

OTOH, I found that the DIN4-DIN4 between SCap(82) & SCap(SNAXO) was maybe better, but nothing on the scale of the DIN-XLRs.

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I have just ordered the Din 4 to XLR from witch hat from nac272 to

I am curious about the performance

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I ordered mine nearly 2 weeks ago and still waiting. Chased it on Monday and apparently they’re waiting for a component part to arrive from supplier!
So can’t comment at the mo.
Maybe worth checking your order to see if they’re a delay on yours too!

I had the WH din to XLR between 272 and 250DR. I thought it was a marginal improvement over the stock cable.

It Will Also depend what Speakers You have I Think

but what do You Think about Clarity and imorovement in dynamic and soundstage overall

But from pictures and specs the cable Seem to be Well build

I’ve tried it a couple of times but end up back with the naim Din XLR as any difference was too minuscule, if it exists at all to my ears.



@GraemeH - I do agree. It was very similar to stock.

It brought a detail lift between my SCdr and 250dr, removing a thin veil. It was, to me, fairly obvious. It’s not box upgrade obvious but then again, it is a low cost item.

I felt the cost performance was very good.

I’m waiting for speaker cable, but I noticed the last couple of days their website is down (unless it’s me). Hope everything is ok…

Cable arrived today so let the listening begin!