Witch hat DIN-XLR cable


Yes, site is down. Seemed OK yesterday morning. Keep trying or ring them.


Good to hear… literally (maybe) and figuratively.


Early days but slightly better soundstage compared to standard cables. Liking them so far!


Got the HAT PIN XLR yesterday and has played 20 hours . I find it more open, detailed and with better extension and definition
For a very small amount this is a big value in my system


Update on the Witchhat cable…
Now bedded in nicely. At the start listening to Vangelis Nocturne for example last week, some piano sequences had a ghosting about them. Now the piano is crystal clear.
Soundstage is open and clear, dynamics good. Will be keeping upgrade.


yes it’s a great cable :+1:


Still waiting for mine. It finally shipped from the UK late last week. But it’s just as well since I just installed a new cartridge and it’s better to change one thing at a time.


How long does this cable take to break in? I got mine today. I haven’t had much chance to test how it sounds compared to the default cable, so can’t say whether it is better, same or worse just yet.


I found mine took a good 40 hours or so. WH run them up for testing a few hours before shipment which helps.


Thanks. I now have maybe 5 hours on it. I plan to get some serious time on it this weekend. I just got a new cartridge so I think I know how certain things should sound after spending time auditioning it all last week. I am going to get a new phonostage IC soon (Transparent Audio Ultra RCA).


I find WH cables to be quite transparent, in other words they “colour” less. I moved from an all-Chord set-up and the most noticeable difference was less pronounced mid-range and vocals. It took a little getting used to as I had been a Chord devotee for over 12 years but this neutrality allowed for a more balanced presentation. Like them a lot I do, particularly at the price.


If that’s the effect it has on my system it will likely go back. I don’t want it to change tthe character of my system. I just want it to lower the noise floor and make things more transparent without changing coloration.


I may be called out here by other forum members but if its the noise floor you want to reduce, interconnects are not the answer. You probably want to look at power supplies and mains cables.
As for character, well that’s an entirely personal thing. As I said, I like the more balanced presentation WH cables give to my music over what I had before, that to me is neutrality. Most hi end audio doesn’t have EQ knobs to alter bass, middle and treble so why have a cable which has a bias towards one of these?


I disagree about noise floor and ICs. I have been auditioning a high end IC between phonostage and pre to try. Noise floor reduction is one of the biggest improvements of this change. Since I am playing with that I removed the WitchHat DIN-XLR for now. One thing at a time.


I use Witch hat speaker cables and other cables from them , my take on them is if you can get to hear them with the SL interconnect that is the way to go this takes the sound to another level as the Witch hat ic is quite a way off the Naim SL IC.