Witch Hat Morgana problem

My 4to5 DIN Morgana causes an earth buzz (SCDR to input on 282). I’m going to contact WH tomorrow, but does anyone have a clue what is causing this?
The buzz was not from the get-go, and disappears if I disconnect the earth on Superline…puzzled.
(Naim 4-5, no buzz).

My other Morganas are superb, BTW!

Something is open circuit, IMO… A wire has come off… :thinking:

I have zero idea what a Morgana is - or what it might cost - but I would be tempted to check inside the DIN plugs at either end, for something loose.

I had the same issue. Returned the cable and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it but refunded me anyway.

Thanks @IanRobertM and @marksnaim

I’ll contact WH to send it back. Dont really want to open the plugs in case I break something and wreck a refund (clumsy!)
Interesting that you had the same issue, Mark. Odd.

Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I guess
(5DIN and DIN/ XLR, both work superbly.)

Had a reply from WHA: their engineer says I may have an earthing problem in my system which the Morgana 4-5 has shown up (and which the original Naim 4-5 was not able to). They did say if I returned the cable to them, they’d happily check it, but that an earth problem is more likely the cause.*

How would I go about checking for such (and hopefully solving it)?

I’m none too electrically minded, so any insight from the more technically gifted among us would be most welcome. The only earth cable is on the LP12 to Superline - which is powered by the SCDR obviously. Buzz goes if I disconnect this, and increases in volume if I connect to 282 earth. I assume it’s not safe to not have an earth connection. Stumped.

*Was this similar to your experience @marksnaim?

In your system the CD2 should be providing the signal ground to mains earth connection. If you’ve found that using the Morgana and disconnecting the LP12 arm cable ground gets rid of the problem then go with that. There is no safety issue with disconnecting this.

If they are willing to check the cable out then I’d be tempted to send it back to be completely sure that there is no issue with its construction and if given a clean bill of health just run with the LP12 arm cable ground disconnected.


Right… That to me (as an engineer…) doesn’t make sense. I hesitate to denigrate WHA but…

In your position, I would look to get a Naim based opinion, on this assertion - maybe on here (@Richard.Dane ??) or via your trusted dealer…

And what he said… (@james_n)

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I don’t know the Morgana interconnect so couldn’t comment.

However, I would agree with James here. If leaving the earth lead off gives least noise, go with that.

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Out of interest (if anyone with one of these cables has a DVM) does the Morgana connect the cable outer shield to the outer shell of the DIN plugs ?

.[quote=“steviebee, post:5, topic:13041”]
Was this similar to your experience @marksnaim?

Not really, I just had a low level hum. It wasn’t affected by changing the earth lead on the LP 12

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I also had a problem with a faulty connection on a WH interconnect. Tried to repair it myself but failed.

Thank you everyone!

I am reassured that not having the arm earth cable connected is not harmful (begs the question, for me, as to what its’ function is then, but I am a bit of a numpty with electronics!).

I don’t know why, for example, the CD2 would act as ground, but so long as no harm can be done by disconnecting the Superline earth then I’m happy.
WHA assured me that every cable is tested prior to sending and this close to Christmas, I think I’ll keep the Morgana in play - I was impressed with the DIN/XLR and the Source 5DIN so I’ll try the 4-5 throughout December (earth disconnected).
May ask WHA to test it in January, just to be sure.

Thanks for all your help - it is much appreciated.

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