Witch Hat Phantom Jumpers, worth it for my set-up?

Hi all,

I took delivery of my 4.5m Witch Hat Phantoms last Monday. They’re still burning in, just going through an exaggerated top end at the moment;
they’re getting there, much improved over the last couple of days.

I’m wondering now if I should have ordered a set of Jumpers at the same time, for my Quad S2s, fed by my Nait 5si? At the moment I’m using the stock plates that came with the speakers.

Is £80 worth it, or will I see very little to no difference given my modest set-up?

Thanks in advance

Are you feeding the tweeters directly and linking to the mid-bass?

If not then try that to see if it smoothes the hf response. Should give you an indication if jumpers will fix that particular problem.


Thanks Graeme.

My my speaker cables are feeding the mid/woofers. When I first plugged the WHs in they were fine re: top end. I’m not too concerned with this, it’s subsided considerably, just part of the settling/burn in process I suppose. My Nait 5si had a similar top end period😊

I was just wondering if the Phantom Jumpers are worth the £80, in general?

Thanks again

Flat brass plates are probably not optimal. I’m sure the WH jumpers won’t sound worse.

I use WH Phantom direct to the HF sockets of Proac Tab 10 sigs and link with the silver bars made from the same metal as the plugs as that sounds better to me than jumpers. I asked Proac who confirmed the ‘speakers are designed, tested and voiced with the bars.


I’ve got the jumpers. They literally made my sound ‘collapse’. Switched back to the stock B&W 800 series jumper links and the sound came back alive.

I’m going to give it another shot regardless in a couple of days and leave it to see if there’s any changes. I got them new with the phantoms. Have at least 120h on them.

Thanks n20nine, please let me know how/if they improve.

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