Witch hat phantom vs chord epic twin vs naim nac a5

Spectre is now out for pre-orders. Roughly starting at 1000 GBP (without the 20% discount they have now and till September 9th). I have a pair of wonderful Oephi Ascendance on order so no Spectre for me. Spectre deliveries however won’t take place until earliest February-March next year.

I just ordered 2 x 3.5m Spectre. WH told me cable reel expected end November and first shipments expected January. As I got my order in early my shipment will be in first batch👍
Got extra 5% discount as previous Phantom customer too.

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1000 gbp is quite a lot of money. witchat had success, maybe they want to capitalize on that.
phantom was a bargain, N2 too, spectre might compete with Super Lumina, that belongs to different market compared to nac a5 / phantom


Just realised the Spectre price given me is excluding VAT since I’m outside UK so more like 12-1300 GBP for the cheapest alternative then depending on where you live.

That’s without connectors? These are my ex VAT prices outside UK with their recommended bananas and 3.5m. Normal price 954GBP ex VAT. VAT here is 25%. With 20% discount you pay 763GBP ex VAT. What prices are listed within UK including VAT?

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Placed an order as well :+1:

From what I read these cables could be a good fit with my room that is slightly on the brighter side.

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Sorry, I am also outside UK and I didn’t realise it was already showing me ex VAT. Deleted my earlier post since I was talking rubbish :grinning:

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Have any of the people involved in testing/reviewing the new Witch Hat Spectre done so with a 300DR?
From what I’ve seen the 500DR seemed to be the popular review choice.

No but I ordered some Spectre cable today. I run a 300dr paired with a 552dr. So I’ll report in due course. :+1:t4:


Likewise, I’ve got a 300DR with a 552DR, and ordered Spectre last night. I’m looking forward to it (and pleased that delivery is far enough in the future that I’ll have forgotten that it was coming, so it’ll be a little surprise present)


Well I was one of those whom have converted to phantom from super lumina. Phantom sounded much more musical to me. So for half the super lumina money, I’m intrigued what Spectre can achieve.

Also the 20% pre order + extra 5% off for existing phantom user helped. I have taken the plunge

Let’s see.

I still have my Super Luminas. Can do some comparison then


I’ve gone ahead and ordered Spectre due to a combination of the discount offer and this site.
If not for this site I’m sure I’d still be happy listening to a Nova with Special 40s!


this is very interesting. many people moved from nac a5 to phantom, I moved from Chord epic twin to phantom, few moved from super lumina. can you describe better which aspects of the sound the wh improved? also, for my personal knowledge, did the burn in take long? I brought home WH phantom 1o days ago, spent many days on 24 hours and some 4-5 hours, still it’s not at the level of chord but is improving day by day, how long will it take to settle ?

Gruido71 - when I had a run of Phantom, I ran a CD on repeat through it 24x7 for over a week before it opened up. It sounded quite “thin” up until then. I guess there’s no exact point at which the “magic” happens, it’s just time and patience I’m afraid…

I put on the radio on the streamer and reduce the volume, going close to the speakers the sound can be heard, I hope it is enough. after a week it opened up, but I have the feeling it’s not all yet, I will keep going on, thanks for giving me hope :wink:

I too went from Epic to Phantom, there is a difference I think - the Phantoms are more neutral and refined so I did miss this initially but soon grew to like the way they just let the music flow.

I’m exactly in this phase. I miss the feeling that female voice was just in front of me in the middle of the room, that is partially compensated by new sounds appearing from time to time. I think the burn in is not only for the cable, is also for the listener :smile:

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I also fell victim to the aggressive marketing/discount on the Spectre and with the money back guarantee (or how easy it will be to sell at least at cost 2nd hand) it is zero risk!

I’m planning to upgrade my speakers at some point in the coming years but have felt for a while the current Linn K200 could be a little too warm/refined to be using with a valve pre-amp. Certainly it’s rather relaxed at all times and some detail is missing compared to when I’ve tried similar demo set ups at the dealers - albeit with vastly more costly speakers.

I have a Chord Signature in use between NDX2 and pre and then between pre and power so the obvious route would be to try that for speaker cabling as well. It’s going to be very interesting come the new year and delivery to compare and contrast.


Do you still have the Chord Epic Twin. I moved from NAC A5 to Epic Twin, then to Chord Signature XL.

To me, in my system and to my ears, the Chord Epic Twin has better detail and refinement than the NAC A5 with more extended treble and deeper bass. The difference is not very big but noticeable.

I then switched from the Epic Twin to Signature XL. Big difference. At one point, I thought of going back to the Epic Twin as the Signature XL sounded “wrong”. The sound was overly lean and the bass was lacking punch and sounded thin. In other words, I thought the bass was severely chopped off! After several weeks, I got used to the sound and found the Signature XL to be an overall superior sounding cable which made the Epic Twin sound coloured and bloated in the bass. The great full bass of the Epic Twin is actually colouration after I experienced the much cleaner sounding bass of the Signature XL. The bass of the latter is lean but defined and layered as you hear all the detail in the bass. The Epic Twin’s bass is full and fat without much layering and detail

I suspect you are in the phase of getting used to the new sound of the Witch Hat. Give it some time, and if you still have the Epic Twin, switch to that after several weeks and listen again to see which one you would prefer.

I wouldn’t say zero risk. They cannot ship their best selling product phantom and do pre order campaign to afford purchasing the reel. It’s not easy being a small company these days with the world situation. The worst outcome is they go bankrupt.