Witch Hat Phantom

Yes, as marked on the cables, I’ve tried connecting them to the bass and treble inputs as well, no difference.

I have no experience of N2 but I found A5 to be darker than Phantom, albeit slightly. Maybe a good clean of the connectors might help - perhaps some tarnishing of the silver plating?

I don’t recognise a darker presentation from the Phantom compared to the A5 either. I’ve found them more open and transparent, significantly better imaging and overal smoother and more refined sounding than the A5. Just like the A5, they do take quite a while to settle in.

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just to put your mind at rest re the phantoms i sold you, in case thinking they are faulty, the 3.5m pair i have sound identical in my system. all a bit odd unless the N2’s are quite a bit brighter, but ive not heard them either.

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Thanks for all of your replies, it is strange, it’s definitely a more mature sound with the vocals pushed back and less detail. The cables are fitted correctly and are in mint condition, as always the differences are down to my hearing on my system in my room, as we all know that is a lot of variables.
I’ll stick with them and see if I get accustomed to the sound it’s just odd as my experience seems to differ from everyone else’s.

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It depends on so many ingoing factors and references but based on what I have today I would describe Phantom as you do. If detail, clear mids and definition/timing is what you want I would look at other speaker cables than Phantom. Many have chosen KS-1 to move away from that signature Phantom provides. Personally I chose Oephi speaker cables.

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KS-1 appears to offer good synergy with Kudos speakers (as it should), but I’m not sure I have seen many move from Phantom to KS-1 with other speakers, have they? A great, cheap option if that’s the case.

I tried both and I have focal speakers I ended up returning the phantoms and getting the ks1’s

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@Dalmatian I had similar conclusions relative to NACA5 that I have posted. More prominent push in the mids and lower with less top-end and an overall darker profile for me. More detail perhaps, but at the expense of cohesion and drive (this is my experience with WH in general, not just Phantom). Ultimately, returned to NACA5.



I upgraded from Phantom to Kudos KS-1 about a year ago and don’t regret it. (my speakers are Kudos)

2023 will see me with Spectre. I’ll not sell the KS-1 until Spectre is fully run in though🤞


My experience with Witch Hat and my Nova has been excellent , I was running a pair of Chord speaker cables that cost me exactly what I paid for the Witch Hat .
The second I switched my run in Chord speaker cables for the new from the box Witch Hat Phantoms -the difference was clear, tangible and positive. Both in presentation an construction.

The additions of Witch Hat and a PowerLine on my Nova is an absolute joy , coupled with the Harbeth P3ESR it has lifted the system sound to one where I am very, very happy .

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I swapped NACA5 to Phantom and preferred the latter. More refined upper frequencies, more open mid range and reduced mid bass hump.