Witchat Cable order

I ordered some new Witchat Speaker cable at the beginning of November. I knew there may be some delay as their website at the time (and still does) stated cable orders were taking 4-6 weeks so I was prepared for some wait time.

However, I am still without my order and no sign of any progress some 3 months later.

I did email them and received a reply at the beginning of January telling me my order was in the top 20 to be done. I have written to them again and I am awaiting a reply.

Is anybody else having similar delays with orders from Witchat?

That does not sound promising. I ordered mine just before Christmas. Last week I mailed and they said indeed it takes normally around 6 weeks, so I will mail again in 2 weeks…

I ordered an interconnect on 1 December and I have not got it yet so it seems that 4-6 weeks is a bit of an understatement, even allowing for Christmas.

I am in the same boat. Ordered in November and still nothing.

I don’t want the Naim forum to be a place for customers of any particular company to air grievances or complaint. If you have ordered anything from a particular company then please contact them as best you can. Note that in the current climate there can be delays for all sorts of things - sometimes lengthy ones. Otherwise, if you get no response from repeated attempts to make contact then take matters up with your payment card issuer. Thanks, thread closed.