Hi anyone had any dealings with Witchhat. I ordered some cables over two weeks ago online and not heard a word since. They did say upto 10 days but I have heard nothing at all, other than PayPal receipt. I have left a message to call me but nothing. Is this usual for them?

I would like to draw your attention to the WH Phantom thread.

I believe they are a little overwhelmed at the moment. Don’t know what you ordered but I do know the Phantom comes from NYC.

Strange/difficult times. Delays expected.


If its the Phantom then I was quoted 6 weeks a couple of weeks ago, but luckily a pair came up on eBay.

I ordered Phantoms 2 weeks ago via phone call as I also wanted jumpers. Was told they have a high demand of orders and supply chain sometimes struggles to keep up. Basically they sell out as soon as a reel arrives. Was told 6 weeks. I’m happy to wait as they are a small company who seem to be making great products in difficult times.

Not phantoms just the NACA5 replacement they do it’s sad 10 days. Just I have had no confirmation email or anything from them.

I would give Mitch a call to make sure the order went through OK.

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I ordered the N2 speaker cable on 28th May. I’m yet to receive the order.

I spoke to them a week ago and they are struggling to keep up, I was told they are an engineer down.

I’m not holding my breath, but should be sooner rather than later (I hope).

Just spoke to them. They are waiting on the mini Naim plugs apparently. Cables in stock.

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Bought some N2 cables from Witch Hat a few years ago which arrived fairly quickly. I then enquired about having some kit serviced but emails were slow to be answered and I didn’t receive replies to my last couple. So I gave up and went elsewhere. Wouldn’t bother again.

Witch Hat conjures up images of some 70s psychedelic rock group. :v:

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I got some din to Xlrs from them that did not work. Caused hum in speakers. I took a long time - 3 months to send them back. Got a refund promptly. All in all, good service, given the circumstances. Haven’t heard back as to what was wrong with the cables.

Hopefully, they didn’t just mix it with the rest of cables. :slight_smile:

I bought some Witchhat N2 last year, they were slow to get the cables out and to respond to enquiries, fortunately the cables were good.

They have serviced some bits of my kit (they are very close!) and I bought some speaker cables from them over the years. I can only say they were great. They are small and probably just overwhelmed at the moment. I hope they come soon and they keep communicating with you.

Hi, WH have undertaken an outsourcing of their cable business recently. This, coupled with COVID, has caused some glitches. The cables continue to be outstanding, their just a bit muddled at customer service at the moment.

I ordered some Phantoms on the 8th and chased up on Monday, I was told that they’re being posted this coming Friday - fingers crossed.

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Their products are superb, they are top class engineers but unfortunately not businessmen.

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I ordered some phantom cables on the 1st of may and only recently received them. Well worth the wait.

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Update to Post 6 (above).

UPS have just delivered my N2 speaker cables. All appears to be present and correct.

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Conjures up images of Rick Wakeman here!



Just received an email, my Phantoms are being delivered - very much looking forward to hooking them up.