With or without patch cable

So my NDS is fed from my 2960 switch by a 15m cat 6 cable
I seem to remember that the advice was to put a better quality cable going into the NDS even if that meant using one of those “joiner” blocks

And that’s what I have been running…cat6 into a joiner …then audioquest forest patch lead into the NDS from the joiner

Tonight …I thought I would try the cat6 direct into the NDS and to be honest…there is no difference that I could detect in a blind test

Should I just drop the AQ forest and leave it at that…

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It sounds like you’ve just answered your own question. If the 15m of CAT6 is adequate in length to attach NDS to 2960 then there is no point in adding the AQ cable, especially as you say you don’t hear any difference.

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Yes the cable is plenty long enough…I made sure of that when installing
I’m inclined to agree that I’ve sort of proved it to myself
But I thought there was a general consensus that the extra patch cable should be of benefit?

Occam’s razor wire?

I was hoping someone would come along and remind me what the thinking was behind that “last metre of better cable improves sound” theory …as I’m not sure why I configured it that way…or if it was better at the time (I’ve changed SO many things since then)

Would that make any difference ? You’ve tried it and found no difference in your own setup. I’d say case closed, move on.

Flog the AQ and buy more music :grinning:

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