With the New Year just hours away what will be the first track on your system on 1st January 2023

I know it’s going to sound cliched but every year the first track on my system on New Year’s Day is “New Years Day” by U2!

Do you have a first play for New Year’s Day and if so what is it/would it be?

We’ll be at friends so it’ll be whatever our hosts play - probably Jools Holland on the goggle box!

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Another song by an Irish artist is my choice every new year.


If we had friends around partying on NY eve it would undoubtedly be Auld Lang Syne right after midnight, but we haven’t so I haven’t the foggiest as it will depend on mood at the time.

No music on my system until at least Tuesday when my daughter returns to N. Ireland. Last music played was on Christmas morning whilst opening presents (Nat King Cole). It is a bittersweet time of year when I have the joy of seeing family but no opportunity for music listening. I am sure I will catch up in the dark winter months still to come.

I won’t know until I decide what to put on if I am choosing, there is a strong possibility it will be a track chosen by a presenter on R6.

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