Woke up to half dead amps - in two different rooms

There must have been some strange electrical disturbance last night that downed one half each of my 110, 160, and a rail on my HDPLEX linear power supply that powered the modem (that’s all that supply was doing at the moment). Nothing else was touched, clocks, rest of the hifi, computers, etc.

Crazy thing, the NAP 110 was connected to my UQ in the office (UQ works fine both channels) and the BD 160 to the V1 upstairs. Both different circuits, though the 110 and HDPLEX were on the same, but also LOTS of computer gear hard drives etc. Now one thing I’m not entirely sure about is the fact that I tried the 110 in place of the 160 in the living room before making sure it worked in the office. Swapped the 160 to the office - dead one channel, and then the 110 in the office - also dead one channel. 160 felt warmer than it should at idle. So no idea if there’s at all a possibility the output of the V1 is doing something, though I really don’t think so. Headphone amp works fine. Unfortunately no other amps to try!

Everything had been working just fine until this morning, and wasn’t played hardly at all yesterday and not at all last evening. Really bizarre, and potentially expensive. Left without an amp in the living room - thank god the UQ works in the office. Anyone else hear of two different amps at the same time doing something like this?

How did you test the channels?

Just by swapping and playing between the two different systems so far. Same results, and it was the same whether I played via Roon, my work desktop, the TV etc so I knew it wasn’t source related, swapped speaker cables around so not the speakers, etc.

Sorry to hear about that, Charles.

Was there lightning?

Or any power surges on the grid?

Maybe your insurance or the power company might pay?

Well, that’s the strange thing, that no clocks, nothing else affected. Skies have been clear. The 160 is new to me and would need a recap eventually as it is - not sure I want to affect our premium for something lie this, esp so hard to prove. The 110 doing it as well is the real mystery (at first I figured it was just the 160’s - and my wallet’s - time).

False alarm. Checked speaker output on both with multimeter and seemed fine. Forgot that the 110 can cut out on one side sometimes if moved. A good rap on the casework and back in action. The 160 I have no idea what the issue was, but playing just fine now. Naim finicky? No, not ever…

(I recall getting seriously flamed on here once when I suggested that Naim gear might be just a bit too finicky for its own good at times).

Sounds like a dry joint. Time for a service.

One would think so, except the 110 has done that off and on since I got it six years ago, at which time it was previous owner rebuilt (nicely done I might add). My dealer went over it with a comb and of course couldn’t find or replicate the issue - he did say it was one of the best sounding 110’s he’s heard. Trick is to just not move it I guess!

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