Women's Euros

I generally enjoy watching football but am no fan.

Sat and watched the last two England games with my wife and found them to contain much of what i like (energy, attacking intent, ball skills) and little of what i dislike (referee dissent, play-acting, stifling tactical borefests).

What a pleasure.



I detest football, but watched the replay of the England Sweden game out of curiosity.

I echo totally your comments. They seem to play for pure enjoyment with talent and great team spirit. So different from over remunerated and entitled little boys.


Just like you, I don’t like football, but after watching England/Sweden play, I was impressed. Then I watched 15 mins of France and Germany, and it’s like a copy of the mens with a lot of what looks like to me intentional fowling and play acting. I’d love to see a league of zero tolerance to all that nonsense, and proper role models for the young. I hope Wembley goes better

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Not a football fan either, largely for the negative reasons you cite in the men’s game. Good luck to England’s women’s team.

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Incidentally the men’s footie 2022/3 season thread has 270 posts. Season hasn’t started yet!

Seriously, what is the situation with the ‘real’ footie fans and women’s football?


Somebody I work with went to one of the quarter finals. I spoke to him yesterday and asked him what it was like.

He said it was rubbish. Which isn’t a good reaction when you consider he’s a Bolton Wanderer’s season ticket holder.

I guess real football fans aren’t interested in watching football played to a poor standard.
Of coarse this doesn’t apply to people who live in Scotland and Wales. :grinning:


There are a few (not many) posts about the Euros on the main football thread, mainly positive.

The style of football takes a little getting used to. Much more dribbling, more tackling, less passing. However, at its best it can be free flowing.

I took my family to Germany vs France. A very entertaining evening.

Whilst I applaud the achievement of the “Lionesses” I’m afraid after two attempts at watching them I just can’t. I managed 25 minutes first time and 20 minutes on the second. I just don’t find the standard high enough to entertain me.

I was a season ticket holder at Leeds for over 20 years and watched some great football (and football teams) and watched some absolute crap too. But even in League 1, at our absolute worst, we’d have wiped the floor with every team in this competition.

And while I’m at it, comparing Ellen White’s international goal tally to Wayne Rooney’s is nonsense - they’re achieved at massively different levels.

It’s not that I want to belittle womens sport for the sake of it. I do find watching women’s golf to be really enjoyable and of a very good standard - way better than me and I play off 7. I also enjoy womens tennis. But football, sorry, it’s a no from me.



There were some arrogant people at the pub on the coast in West Wales today I took an instant dislike to! Quelle surprise, they had England shirts on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is an old worn-out stereotype that still seems to exist in some parts of British society (despite Henning Wehn routinely being hilarious), that Germans have no sense of humour. One of the very best players in this Euro Tournament has put the lie to this in a press conference today…

Wonderful. I would have wished her the very best of luck in the final tomorrow…if it wasn’t against England.


For the better teams the standard is not poor, just different to the men’s game mainly due to the pace & power which the women haven’t got & will never have.

The only area I think the standard is not so good for all teams is goalkeeping. I feel if every team had Pickford in goal then the number of goals scored in all games would be at least halved.

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… and if they had Tim Krul the number of goals would be at least doubled!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
(sorry, couldn’t resist).

Completely share you experience.

That’s unkind. After this afternoon I’m hurting enough already…

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Don’t tell anybody :shushing_face: but in actual truth I think Tim Krul has been an excellent and dependable goalie throughout his career, but he has sadly been given little or no help from some of the inept defences he’s had to play behind.

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The thread title made me curious - do men and women use different currency in the EU?

As for the current women’s football on TV, I haven’t watched any beyond what appears on BBC or ITV TV News, but it seems from those brief glimpses that attitude and atmosphere are more like rugby than that awful so-called sport of football played by men and watched by millions (of which I am not one) - i.e. sportsmanlike and good natured. Can men’s football be phased out in favour of this? (please!)


Agree with you about Krul but think your comment on any of our recent defences was a little too charitable!

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Good luck lionesses. Bring it home!


It is like Rugby Union in that nobody is interested in the sport at club level, but it’s very popular at international level.

What a nasty comment from the media if it was for her appearance not her on field skills. :neutral_face:

Was a naughty uttered at 10 secs?